A 70's girl natural hair journey

(Source)Here I am with my sister (I'm the one waving) walking in some parade in New York with our Brownie Troop.  Look at those socks!!  Could we get them any HIGHER???  Anyway, our hair was still natural.  My mother was only combing, brushing and braiding it, but for this ultra-special occasion, she must have curled it for us.  It’s WAYYY too far back for me to remember.  I posted that pic as a peek into my childhood when most little girls were natural.  Maybe a few were getting their hair pressed but not many.  I know I wasn't getting mine pressed back then because my mother hadn’t started doing it yet.  This was the 70’s!  I was still rocking Afro puffs.  I was just a string bean and the biggest thing on my body was my head!  Childhood......more

Imus & his comeback: As a black woman, why I should even care

Well folks, in the words of L.L. Cool J, don't call it a come back. Anyone with any idea of the media and the money game knew the day was coming when Don Imus would be back on the scene. ...more