Yo soy una esclava a productos de cabello natural. I have a problem. Seriously, tengo un problema! On one of my many outings to Sally’s Beauty Supply, I came across a BOGO deal for Beautiful Textures products. Enthusiastically, I scanned the shelves, reading about each and every product the line offered. I am always giddy when it comes to discovering an awesome deep conditioner. I bought the Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner and the Tangle Taming Moisturizing Shampoo and of course I rushed home to try them out....more

Five Things Every Black Woman in Tech Needs in a Support System

It’s already an uphill battle being “the one” or one of the very few, especially when you’re in the tech field. You spend almost every day trying to prove your abilities and education aren’t just a stroke of luck or the result of some Affirmative Action hire. Any input or response you provide is usually sifted over like a search for pearls in the sand, even if it’s the most obvious solution possible. If you happen to disagree with someone and hold your position, then you become the “Angry Black Woman.”...more
yet one more reason why i <3 our POTUS!more

Recognizing the Legacy of Women During Black History Month

Growing up, two prominent figures were frequently highlighted during Black History Month: Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, and Frederick Douglass. I always remember wondering: where are the Black women in all this?...more

Breaking the Silence Around Black Women and Abortion

As a black woman, I was once ambivalent about abortion; often silent and never expressing any true feelings or opinions. Never wanting to claim a side, I walked the middle road; besides, I thought it was a white woman’s issue and feared being labeled ‘pro-choice’. I knew abortion was very real but it was taboo among friends, family, and colleagues. It wasn’t until I saw several Black women struggle to make sound reproductive decisions according to their best interests that I realized that my silence contributed to degradation of our rights....more
Extremely thoughtful and well written.more

The Corner Of Ferguson And Freedom

.KWestSavali Black Women's "Bodies" on the Line: ...more

Don't Mess With My Scandal

Beware I am venting.  I am officially tired of the “what if Scandal… ” scenarios. What if President Grant was Black? What if Kerry Washington played Mellie and a White actress played Olivia Pope? Would Black women still watch in earnest?Just.Stop.It....more

Leave Blue Ivy Carter and Her Natural Hair Alone | #Beauty

I Am Blue Ivy CarterI am a Natural Curly-Fro wearing Classy, Black Girl. My hair has been through it all from perms to presses, braids to weaves and everything in between. Most of the time the goal was to always change how my hair was presented to the world....more
Thank you for reaffirming that I don't have to torture my kid's heads for the sake of other's ...more

HPV in Black Women: Are the Odds Currently Stacked Against Us?

Recent news reports are shedding light on the theory that Black women and girls are less likely to be protected by the two HPV vaccines that are currently available on the market. HPV, the human papillomavirus, which can infect the genital area and is known to cause cervical cancer has over 100 different sub-types. ...more

Mental Fitness: The Dangerous Image of Olivia Pope

Most images of Black women in the media are negative. Those images can do damage to a Black woman's self esteem if she does not have a favorable view of herself. If you do not agree with my contention about the media's negative portrayal of Black women, watch a few music videos. These negative images are broadcast throughout the globe....more

Making Sense of Sisterhood: A Retrospective on Delta Sigma Theta!

As Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. celebrates their centennial anniversary this week, I'm muddling through still trying to make sense of the meaning of Sisterhood....more