I am proud to say I am not an ideal Black woman

In the Black community and in society at large, I believe there is an ideal Black woman.The ideal Black woman is strong, unbreakable and tough. She is able to do everything and be everything to everyone but herself. She has the super-human ability to withstand pain. She can be satisfied with pain and sacrifice on earth because she believes deeply in her reward in heaven....more

Behind the Smile: Viral Video Shows Black Female Depression and Friendship

Until a couple of weeks ago, no one knew who Amber Mondane was. On December 6, Amber and her best friend, Nash, made a four minute video that as of this writing has been shared over 56,000 times on Facebook. Amber and Nash silently narrated their story -- one that resonated not only with young black women, but with anyone who has either been touched with depression themselves or knows somebody who has struggled with it in the past. ...more
Thank you for writing this article.  It was beautifully written. I have a 12 year old daughter ...more

Cultural and Legal Practices by Tolu2

CHAPTER 4“There are more laws, funding, and organizations in existence for the protection of animals worldwide than for females.”                                            —ToLu2Cultural and Legal Practices ...more

You Betta Shop Around

Introducing guest blogger thisissomebullshit777. She is a mom was has just recently starting blogging on my site. Let's give her a warm welcome everyone.   thisissomebullshit777...more

Ashley Judd’s Remarks about Hip-Hop and Misogyny…..Why Are People Upset?

It seems that these days when a celebrity has something to promote, they ( or their publicist) release something provocative (even though it usually has nothing to do with the actual product) in order to gain attention. For the actor/activist Ashley Judd, a snippet of her memoir, All That Is Bitter And Sweet was, ahem, “leaked” -- and Judd was forced to give a public apology. From her book:...more

Not every woman wants you...

Most of my headaches could be removed if men weren’t so conceited.  Men think everything is about them.  If you call a lot your obsessed with them.  If you want to take a picture your obsessed.  If you want to hang out you have a crush.  OMG!...more

Black Women in Europe™ blog releases “a list of our own” most powerful black women in Europe

Black Women in Europe™ blog announced its first-ever Black Women in Europe™: Power List that includes 58 women in Europe in six categories. The categories are business, lifestyle, media, politics, social entrepreneurs and NGOs. This year's Black Women in Europe™: Power List 2010 were chosen from nominations from the general public and editor Adrianne George and co-editor Mark Derek McCullough based on their achievements and sphere of influence....more

looking forward to next year! People have come forward suggesting additional powerful women that ...more

I'm Not Having Your Baby

     So, I was raised by a single mother, like most African-American children. I know it must have been difficult at times for my mother to juggle, but I will not equate my youth to that of other African-American kids....more

Weighty Confessions of a Depressed Black Woman

Did you know that 4 out of 5 African-American women are overweight? A little over 7 months ago, I was one of those women. But after two years of trying and failing to lose weight, I became serious about wanting to live a healthy lifestyle. Since last Thanksgiving, I have lost 48 pounds and recently ran two 5ks. Currently, I am training for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in October. ...more
Wow Renee! Brava Sister, brava! I can only shake my head about the hurtful truth that it is ...more