BAP Living Radio Celebrates 1st Year Anniversary with Black Women in Socal Media Series

BAP Living Radio Celebrates 1st Year Anniversary with Black Women in Socal Media Series ...more

Musings from a black woman: I'm wise,

The Colbert Report ...more

Do Not Call Me Sassy!

I love being a weekly contributor at Michelle Obama Watchblog, founded by Gina of What About Our Daughters. If you've not had the opportunity to visit MOW, I strongly encourage you to do so. The posts provide a wealth of up-to-date information and commentary on all things about First Lady in Waiting, Mrs. Michelle Obama. ...more

Black Women, Property Twice

Sara Bartman/Venus Hottentot & Rapper Lil Kim  Courtesy of Str8OuttaNYC ...more

Can I comment as a man who USED to enjoy porno?  I see situations supporting this blatant lack ...more

In Defense of Monique: The Connection Between Abuse and Obesity

Hey All! Well, in spite of the old hormones, I have some good news to report - I lost another 2.4 lbs. bringing my total lost so far to (drum roll please) 9lbs.!! Not bad for September, baby steps.... I'm gonna take it down and be serious this post - don't worry, the funny will be back next time, but I needed to have a chat with y'all about something that has been bothering me for quite some time. Thanks to all of you for letting me vent (especially you Ms. Johnson). ...more



As a fellow survivor I just wanted to applaud all your ...more

Snap, Crackle, Pop

My sisters: why are we angry?  What makes us so angry that we are nearly always a step away from a snap, crackle or pop at any perceived slight, dis or insult?  What didn’t we get that we needed years ago?  What hurt are we carrying around so deep down inside of us that it courses through our veins? ...more

Supreme Court Overturns DC Gun Ban - This is Appalling

Supreme Court Overturns DC Gun Ban - This is Appalling Those of you who live in the Washington, DC metropolitan area know the increase of gun violence this past year. Majority of those of African Americans. Specifically, this past month DC has seen a number of shootings and homicides, including ten earlier this month alone. This outrageous ruling by the Supreme Court may have increase that number. The 5 to 4 ruling opinion asserts that individuals had the right to own guns for self-defense and for hunting. ...more

A Goddess's Hair Story

<span style="font-weight: bold;font-size:85%;"><span style="font-family:arial;">I do have relaxed hair, but I am going to transition eventually. I've always been fascinated with natural hair. The versatility, beauty and funkiness of the style--a style once deemed "taboo" as opposed to innately individual. Candace sent me this email and it inspired me so much because I personally can relate. ...more

Is the 2008 presidential election bad for feminism?

(Originally posted at I hear you out there--wondering if I'm crazy. How can having a smart and accomplished woman a hair's breadth away from the Democratic nomination be bad for feminism? How can having America's ingrained gender prejudices dragged into the light be bad for feminism? I'll tell you how: ...more

Which was my point.

Feminists who support Clinton are being called racist.

Whatshername ...more