Retrospective Reviews - The Worst Jobs in History

The Worst Jobs in History is a brilliant educative and extremely funny documentary series which takes a look at, as the title indicates, the worst jobs in history. Primarily the jobs not done by history’s top one percent! Two series and a special,  hosted by Tony Robinson who played Baldrick in the “Blackadder” series, were produced in Britain. The first series, released in 2004, took viewers from the Roman and Anglo-Saxon Briton through to the Victorian age. Tony took on the task of gearing up in the attires of the time, whether male or female, to perform some downright horrible, dangerous, and messy jobs. Tony not only educated viewers, he provided heaps of humour. Some of the jobs in these periods included the chimney sweep, the executioner, the leech collector, the plague burier, the rat-catcher, the leather tanner, and, believe it or not, the sin-eater....more