Make These Blackberry-Thyme Jam Mimosas for Brunch!

One of our favorite brunch drinks is a good mimosa. Though it's usually made with orange juice, we put a little twist on ours by swapping the OJ with blackberry-thyme jam. (Life hack: We made our own jam (which is super easy), but if you are in a rush, simply taking some blackberry jam that you have on hand and heating it until it is a thinner consistency will work, too. ) ...more
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Blackberry Peach Pie

Hmm…pie.  Apart from the annual pie fest that occurs every Thanksgiving, pies do not make nearly enough appearances in my life.  Last weekend, I set out to change all of that by tackling a homemade pie. ...more

How To Block An Ex (Or Anyone Else) On Your Smartphone

"You could block me if you wanted to," the text message read. The problem -- which was probably unknown to Harriet's ex-boyfriend -- is that while smart phones make a lot of things a breeze, blocking calls and texts is a somewhat more complicated procedure. Here is the breakdown on how to do it, per carrier and device. ...more
One think that surprise me most that Android phone now can be ...more

BlackBerry Muffins

Jessica NicodemiGood Morning everyone! This morning I made black berry muffins! I originally got the recipe from Taste of Home Cookbook for their Blueberry Cream Muffins but I changed it up a little! I took out the salt well because I do not use salt in anything I cook or bake other then french fry's! I also added blackberry's this time instead of blueberry's. Also I added cinnamon and nutmeg to it and added a little more sour cream!   ...more

UPDATED: The BlogHer Entrepreneurs '12 Mobile App is Here!

UPDATE: The BlogHer Entrepreneurs '12 Mobile App is now available for the iPad! Go to the App Store now to download.Are you heading to Silicon Valley for BlogHer Entrepreneurs '12 later this week? Well good news! We just made your conference experience a little easier....more
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Blog DirectoryThe last movie I saw:-It’s the most domesticated role I’ve seen Jodie Foster in since Little Man Tate. And that’s when she was a single mom from a teenage pregnancy. So I’m not sure that counts.-Kate Winslett looked so comfortable throwing up over and over that I wondered in real life if she was actually bulimic....more

Chef doB Black and Blue Parfaits

By: Jon Paul Buchmeyer © Yogurt and I have always had a complicated relationship. Nothing to do with lactose intolerance, and everything to do with parental intolerance. One summer in high school, my father forced me to turn off All My Children and turn up with paycheck. Reluctantly, I landed a gig at the neighborhood “I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt.” Day in and day out, I suffered through oh-so-clever customers who after tasting a sample said to me with a grin, “No way! This is yogurt? I can’t believe it’s yogurt.” Hilarious....more

Why I Quit Crack (Berry)....

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As personal choice, I shun blackberries. I would like a smartphone, but I detest iPhone's limited network (Indonesia's version of iPhone is restricted to a provider I dislike). I am aiming for a Tab. Buuut.. well, the budget is not there yet. :-/  Anyway....more