Beefy Black-Eyed Pea Chili

Last week I learned a new cooking technique while preparing Beefy Black-Eyed Pea Chili. The recipe instructions say to cook the spices in hot oil for 2-3 minutes, and the result was a fabulous aroma filling our kitchen. We couldn’t wait to try this chili!...more

Black-Eyed Pea Hummus with Olive Oil & Sumac from Kalyn's Kitchen

For everyone who's committed to Meatless Mondays when Monday happens to be New Year's Eve, allow me to recommend my favorite New Year's snack of Black-Eyed Pea Hummus with Olive Oil and Sumac. You probably know that black-eyed peas are a traditional food thought to bring luck in the new year, and if you're really lucky you might have some of this left to nibble on for the first day of 2013! ...more
@Hromish1 Love the black-eyed peas in this; hope you enjoy!more

Vegan Creamy Bean Soup

@alienbody My pleasure! Enjoy!more

A light, quick meal on a hot, hot night

One quick question to get things going:  What happened to Spring?! It seems that just yesterday I was complaining about running in the frigid temperatures and now I’m already complaining about the heat.  I always struggle with running in August, but June? Really? If you, too, are struggling with the heat you might find this article helpful:  Running in the Heat: Nine Tips to Keep Your Cool...more

Johnny Cakes and Black-Eyed Peas

My husband IM’d me the other day at work....more

Black-Eyed Pea Soup with Chorizo and Kale

was inspired to make this soup after we had a lovely appetizer at the Hungry Mother on New Years Day; black-eye peas with rice and ham hock....more

2011: Firsts & Repeats + New Year’s Beans & Greens

Friends, I want to thank you for the overwhelming response, via comments and email, to my New Year’s Day post January diet? Nope, I bought bigger clothes.  Your kind words and sentiments mean so much!...more


I just checked out hip pressure cooking...and subsequently added it to my Google Reader ...more

Tiffany's Black-eyed Pea Hummus

Every year on New Year's Day I make black-eyed pea soup with a ham hock (or the closest thing to a hock I can find around here). My husband will humor me and eat it (probably since there's not going to be anything else to eat), but he's not really as big a bean person as I am. ...more

I love them, too. Too bad I'm the only one in this house who has bean love, ...more

Final Week of Vegan Mofo

While I was on vacation in Barbados, my daily Vegan MoFo posts kept coming:Wednesday:  Black-Eyed Peas for BreakfastThursday:  Thankful for my (non-vegan) husband’s vegan creations...more

Vegan MoFo Week 3 Wrap-Up: Squash Soup, Szekely Goulash, Breakfast Burrito, Pickles, Rice Cooker Black-Eyed Peas and more!

Woot! Three weeks of daily blogging. Didn’t know I had it in me!  Here’s a recap: Sunday: Dehydrated Black Bean Burger (Recipe Revisit for Vegan MoFo) ...more