Fruit Punch

What I love about summer is it is the season of most of my favorite fruits - watermelon, mango, litchi and it is so much fun to try out recipes with different fresh fruits. My husband drinks fruit juices with a look on his face which says "Please stop torturing me" so every now and then I have to experiment with fruit juices to make a tempting drink so that I can lure him to drink juices.

Frosties and Bruschetta for an Easy Summer Gathering

It is easy to make appetizers an afterthought when hosting a party where the main course gets all your attention. Instead of pouring chips in a bowl and calling it a day, put some thought into your appetizers—your guests will thank you! I can’t tell you how many main courses I've forgotten from parties I've attended, but a platter filled with exciting and thoughtful appetizers always sticks in my memory. ...more
Having a series of appetizers is so practical when you're having a group of friends ...more