The Amateur Mother

One of my favorite novels is The Amateur Marriage by Anne Tyler. The story follows Michael and Pauline, two starry eyed lovers who marry during the Second World War. I’ve read the book several times, fascinated by the characters as they navigate through the complexities of marriage, all while having no idea how to find their way. As much as they try to grow as a couple, they remain amateurs, never really moving forward....more

Divorce and remarriage--is not for the faint of heart

When my divorce was finalized, something clicked in my brain—and I rejoiced, I will not lie, because I thought the hardest part of this journey was behind me.  Note the past tense.  I shouldn’t be so cynical.  Yet while the heart-dropping fear of court (I don’t know how attorneys do it—once you walk into a courthouse with the weight of your children’s future on your shoulders, there’s just no way to aptly describe the pressure and fear) was over, the pain of living in a house full of unpredictable anger explosions finally given the conclusion it needed—validation from the jud...more
sunnymolls Thank you for your comment and your encouragement!  <3more

Blended Family-A Meditation

It’s been a few weeks since my fiancé A has moved in with us.  Our entire house has been rearranged and re-organized—a brand new play room for the girls upstairs, a bona fide adult-esque living room and dining room, sans 100,000 miscellaneous toys like sparkling, matchless princess shoes or the random McDonald’s toy stuffed behind the chair.  Although we did set up a “kids table,” where DD1 can do her computer homework every night next to the couch, and when their friends come over, the little people can eat together there.  And truth be told, slowly but surely, there is a tr...more
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Stepmom advice from a survivor

I survived 10 years as a stepmom, and you can too. All six of our kids are 20 and older. I'm even a step gradnmom. Ten years ago, I became a stepmom for the first time. I had been a single mom for six  years -- my ex-husband had passed away, but I had been the main parent for years before that....more

On the Sidelines--Life as a Step-Parent

You may have noticed a lack of blogging going on here.  It's true. I have been a sporadic blogger, at best. Not the best thing to be if you are trying to build an audience, and definitely not the best thing for me since blogging is how I release my pent up creative energy. Perhaps that's why I have been feeling more than my usual stress....more
I understand your problems COMPLETELY. Our kids our stair stepped together, Our two boys are ...more

Celebrating Thanksgiving in a Blended Family

This was originally posted last year but I thought I'd share it again. This year I am again hosting Thanksgiving dinner, and this year Nico won't be with us to celebrate. He will be joining his dad and his other family and Olivia and Erica will be with us. Somehow we've gotten off our schedule. I guess it's one of the downsides of being in a blended family. I'll be thinking of Nico as I give thanks for the many blessings in my life. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.Over the river and through the woods,...more

Foster Care to Adoption: A Journey


Dr. Romance Happiness Tip: Creating Connections: Draw Them In

Many years ago an Edwin Markham poem inspired me, and I’ve tried to live by it:"Outwitted"He drew a circle that shut me out —Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout.But Love and I had the wit to win:We drew a circle that took him in!...more

On Wholeness: A Child of Divorce Begins Her Family

While those who know me well were perhaps aware of this a long time ago, it’s only in the last few years, really, that I think I became aware of my own obsession with family. Maybe a longing for wholeness is always present in children of divorce. In my case, the split happened when I was very young, only a year or so old. My mother got remarried when I was two-and-a-half, so I grew up in a home with two parents. ...more
My fiance's son is in a similar situation as how you grew up. Him & his ex-wife divorced shortly ...more