Homemade Hummus

How have I never made my own hummus before? I am baffled. I LOVE hummus and I can pretty much eat it on anything (especially cucumbers)....more

Unitasking Kitchen Equipment: Which Items Stay or Go?

Alton Brown -- a kitchen genius in my eyes -- has strong feelings against non-useful unitaskers, those kitchen items that perform a single task. Usefulness is obviously in the eyes of the beholder and what may be a timesaving tool for you is merely clutter for me. He suggests clearing out a drawer or cabinet in your kitchen and placing all your utensils and gadgets in a separate space. ...more
i have a wonderful multi-tasking rice cooker! it's replaced my crockpot since it will slow cook ...more

College Bound...and Hungry

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to teach a cooking class to a dozen high school seniors who are a part of the National Charity League. They were bursting with excitement at the prospect of making their own dinner AND learning some tips on how to do some cooking when they are away from home next year during their first year at college. ...more