Mocha Nirvana

 So the weather here in Upstate New York has been AMAZING this past week. It’s as if we are being rewarded for the extra long winter we’ve had – the skies are a cloudless, bright blue, the birds are chirping enthusiastically, even the grass seems to be celebrating....more

NutriBullet Review

Every vegan has a Vitamix, right? It's kind of seen as standard equipment for anyone switching to a plant based diet. But not all of us actually have them. I've had a bad case of Vitamix Envy for a long time, but so far the Kitchen Appliance Fairy hasn't delivered, and with a $500 pricetag, I haven't been able to justify springing for one myself. Recently, after rave reviews from friends, I ordered a NutriBullet from Target. It's touted to be able to do a lot of the things Vitamix does, and at a fraction of the price, I thought it was worth a shot....more

Blenders... Aisle 3

So we have had this Kitchen Aid blender. Got it quite a few years ago, but it still looks brand new (shows how much I use a blender). When we bought it we went with the "better, more expensive" model because it was supposed to crush ice. It never crushed ice decent. My old cheap blender did a better job (which I can't remember what we had! Grrr). ...more