Hearing (365 Days of Blessings – Day 131)

I am thankful for hearingThere are times that I wish I didn’t have to hear a siren for the umpteenth time, or a dog yelping at 5 AM, but if I didn’t hear those things, I wouldn’t hear my baby’s cry, my husband’s snore, the gentle breeze, the waves as they crash on the sand……Warmest regards,...more


I have discovered that I am not a consistent in my ability to write.  I blame it on being busy, but usually manage to find a few minutes every day to look on Pinterest, so maybe I just haven’t had anything worthwhile to say.  I can assert that I have been cooking a lot, sewing like a maniac for the new Granddarling that is due next month, and helping a friend put the finishing touches on a dining room update, and all of those are legitimate things.  But the truth, according to my Darling Husband, is that I am distracted.  He is right; I am....more

Blessings for the Week

Come count your blessings for the week at Teaching Today for Tomorrow.   I would love to hear what you are thankful for! ...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Happy New Year! 1-1-12

Take advantage of being very goal-oriented today.Powerful influences will bring good fortune and results in blessings, due to your ability to stay on task.Opposing Energies: laziness, self-importance, depressionUnexpected news or restlessness can promote a lack of commitment.Just flow today, and be present.Wide Awake Words™ for today: motivated, growth, empowermentThe good part about feeling restless is change....more


Hello to all!  Today I sit happily at my computer unencumbered with studies or other obligations.  It is such a nice feeling to be finished with school for a while, surviving yet another week of finals.  Bittersweet too.  I will most likely work with other classmates, new teachers, and many of the friends I’ve made so far are heading home if they’re not already on their way.  I wonder if we’ll meet again.  Each little passing of time is magnified here as I acknowledge its brief window in my life.  And I am thankful.  Bon voyage mes amies!...more

365 Days of Blessings – Day 26 – Nap Time

I am thankful for nap timeHubby is out at meetings, Poppet is napping, hotel room is quiet, peaceful, tranquil………….Warmest regards,Joyhttp://www.PardonMyPoppet.com/PipSqueaksPardon My Poppet ~ Pip Squeaks from the Mummy-verse!...more

The Gift of People

"What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?"  - George Elliot           December has arrived with the promise of symbolic gifts.   I am often so busy rushing through my life that I miss them entirely.  To celebrate the season of reflection and love,  I honor a different gift each night.  Focus brings understanding and gratitude, perfect for renewing their influences throughout my life.     Today I cherish the gift of people in my life....more

The Adventures of Will Power and the Basket of Blessings

Will Power. He's one determined little bear! To read The Adventures of Will Power and the Haunted House, click here.* * * * *...more
Giggle. Scarecrow to the rescue!more

My Friend List

I was looking at my friend list on Facebook the other day and realized I am incredibly blessed.  I have a large number of friends that I have known for over 30 years.  I'm not referring to those friends such as my mom...because obviously she's known me the longest!I am referring to the friends with whom I went to grade school.  Yes, grade school.  We're still alive and kicking!!  I attended a Lutheran grade school with an 8th grade graduating class of all of 17 kids!  I actually play Words with Friends on a daily basis with one of my classmates....more