Baubles Make Me Smile:)

SOOOOOOOOOOOO, I've been super stressed out making study guides, trying to grade all this late work (don't get me started on my soapbox about this!), current work, nad all the while making exams. Life of a teacher never ends. Actually, instead of typing this post, I really should be working on my exam. Le sigh......more

BlogHer Handmade Conference Blog Buttons!

If you're attending BlogHer Handmade (and we hope you are!), we have a long-awaited announcement for you today: BLOG  BLING! That's right - today you can add conference blog buttons to your website to announce your plans to attend BlogHer Handmade in St. Paul, MN this September 15-17, 2011. We've got standard versions for you today: "I'm going," and "I'm speaking." ...more
Yay! I'll be adding to my blog! more

Fierce Bling

Dressing Sensibly When on Trail

Acknowledging the gravity of the trial, we were for once spared the histrionics, the tantrums and frosty, arched eyebrows as Naomi Campbell gave perhaps the most serious and sombre performance of her life.In fashion-speak that meant ditching the “diva” outfits. To date she has turned up to court in thigh-skimming, clingy dresses, “I’m a celebrity” shades, 4in stilettos and dripping in jewellery....more

Bling Out Your Booboos

BlogHer '09 Badges and Bling

Thanks to all your input and amazing ideas we have really great blog bling in preparation for BlogHer '09...all of you are so clever!. Now, with LobbyCon Bling!!!: <a href=""><img src="" alt="I'll Be at LobbyCon!" /></a> Here are the newbies: ...more

Are you thinking about making an "My Friends are All Going to BlogHer, and All I Got is ...more

Win some Teething Bling

Win a 3 pieces from Visit my blog for easy entries. Remember, you don't have to be a blogger to win. ...more

holiday decorating bling

Is it time to decorate yet?  For Christmas I mean. Signs point mainly to yes I say. Only please girls and boys, take the pumpkins off your porch first.  Remove the scarecrow from your mailboxalso.  And don’t forget to takedown your pilgrim flag either.   ...more

The Single Woman's Ultimate Declaration of Independence

Well, I finally went and did it. I've taken the plunge! ...more

I think your declaration of bling-dependence is AWESOME!! There's a certain gal in my close ...more