There's a price for bliss.  I suppose you know that.  I am paying today for that moment of sublime bliss in the garden yesterday.  My knuckles are swollen and achy, my hips stiff and unwieldy, not wanting to make the corners.  What the heck is the problem here?  Too much of a good thing?  A bliss is well worth the little achy creaky joints....more


Bliss is my new favorite word. Last September I bought a wobbly little play table and chairs from a consignment store for the girl's room. I planned on it being an entertainment area for tea parties and hours of coloring. I brought it home, sanded, and painted it canary yellow. It livened up with the fresh new skin, but lacked that something unique. The original design was an awful grey with an impressive, yet horribly gaudy painted floral motif. I decided to freshen up that idea by hand-painting subway-style words....more

Lost: My Bliss. Reward if found.

I lost my bliss somewhere. Not sure where it went. But it's gone. Have you seen it? Last spotted... Oh, I don't even remember where I last saw it.I'm feeling lost. I'm back at work and everything is great. I've kind of got a handle on what needs to happen to get/keep our finances in check. Kids are great, hubs is great, both sides of the family are great. But I'm not feeling great. I feel like I'm missing something inside me, that passion for... I don't know... something. I feel like I've lost my bliss and I'm not sure how that happened....more

Hip Waders Strongly Recommended

I blacked out yesterday and came to with my hand in a bag of Trader Joe's Movie Theater Popcorn, a veritable bucket of chili on the stove in what could only have been a limbic, Pavlovian response to the mysterious white that has stitched up the city - emergency! they say. The only emergency I can see is that I tripped over some bliss and fell into a pile of tiny gloves mittens scarves boots hats coats left drying by the fire from this bonus vacation that turns our tiny house into an island or maybe a boat....more


Last year I made a decision to move into the direction of my life's calling. As 2011 entered I was energetic, positive, and ready to do the transition work. A few weeks into 2011 I became sick and had to be away from work for two weeks. The day I returned to work my supervisor informed me that he was resigning. The next few months were filled with key employees having unplanned surgeries with lengthy medical leaves. In October I had surgery and joined the ranks of my staff with a lengthy medical leave....more

When Love Pours With Tears, Compassion Is At The Root

http://waltzinghorses.blogspot.com/2011/10/now-that-dream-state-and-wake-state-are.html  ...more

How To Be Alone

I’m about to get real folks. Really real. ...more

There Comes A Time

  When conflict happens. Sometimes the people that we interact with that consistently drain our energy or stir up our emotions....more

Wonderfully Unforgettable

Here's to final chapters and fresh pages. Happy High School Graduation Stevie, I am honored and grateful to be able to share this journey with you. Kindness is success....more