Snow Beast versus The Drunk Girl

I grew up in the Midwest, where the snow came in feet–not inches. While the kids in the South prayed for a thin layer of dust, we prayed for a blizzard that never seemed to come....more

Blizzard of Oz-Round Deux

You know, you really haven't lived until you have been witness to the pre-blizzard shopping habits of Midwesterners. Since this current blizzard gave even more advance notice than the one last week, people had all weekend to contemplate the couple of days they are going to spend sheltering in place when it drops another foot or so of snow down on the currently bone-dry streets....more

Go away Nemo: Blizzard safety tips

For all those, like me, who are affected by the blizzard, a few ways to keep yourself safe:1. Please do not stray too far out in the blizzard alone, with poor visibility, it is easy to get lost especially in poor lighting.2. The same goes for your animals, off leash, they can easily get lost with poor visibility, especially with poor lighting. My two dogs are so small they are below the snow line…making this blizzard a real treat for bathroom breaks!...more