Could I Write For BlogHer?

 Hello.What, you may ask, is a man doing writing here?Well, I wrote an article over on my blog, and it got the attention of the powers that be here at BlogHer.Much to my surprise I was invited to join and write here.I thought as a way of introduction I would  post here the article I wrote about my interest in BlogHer. So here it is....more
Denise Thank you for the welcome. I promise to bring no shame upon myself or your website.(a ...more

Blog Roundup for September

Here's what happened at #sousvoice  last month. #blogroundup

Blog Roundup for August

Here's what happened at The Cocoknot Theori this August.

Blog Roundup for August

Here's what happened at Sou's Voice this August. Check it out:

A Blog Break Feels Great

It feels great.  What a weight lifted from my shoulders.  I'm not thinking about how many days until I must create a new post for my site.  I'm not hoping for any new subscribers.  I'm not wondering if this one will be the 'hit' of the month or the year.  I'm on a blog break.  So, what am I doing here, you might be wondering. ...more
survivelivethrive That's wonderful! Sounds like a great holiday.  I'm looking forward to my ...more

Social Media Brought Us Together But I'm Now Conscientiously Unplugging From Your Feed

 There is something people rarely comment about in our circles and I am tired of being a blogger and lumped into this pot of crazy that no one seems to want to talk about.  This isn’t about photo rights.  It is about children’s rights.There are endless posts about using another person's photo online without their EXPRESS PERMISSION.  You cannot just link to the original image and name them.  You need permission.  ...more

Midlife Cabernet: From Blog to Book


IUI #2

Today was the day we had our second IUI!! It went great! We had 48 million soldiers and the doctor likes to see at LEAST 2 million! We also had 3 follicles this cycle so hopefully this will be the cycle! Yes...we know that we could possibly get multiples but we are ok with that :) So now we wait...fingers crossed and prayers!...more

A Fashion place like Notify Open Space! ...more

NaBloPoMo - an attempt

So, I am attempting to write for 30 days continuously at a time when I can barely hold my act together with the kids and the house, and an attempt to get back to full-time work, plus my photography and well, some downtime. Time will tell and within a week if I know me well, if I can pull this one through or not. It's a case of discipline, and a testing of how much I will stick to a commitment despite not having the resources or time to stick it through. ...more