How to Craft a Memoir

Today’s interview gets emotional as we dive into the area of writing memoirs. From a workplace’s secret investigation, broken public systems, publishing a diary, to receiving haters online – today we are so honored to interview and share the story and memoir writing process of Shannon Hernandez, author of My Final Forty Days as a Public School Teacher....more

Why All Bloggers Should Care About BookCon's Lack of Diversity

Book Expo America ("BEA") is the leading North American publishing event, bringing publishers, authors, and readers together in one location, the force of which sets standards for the whole publishing industry. In an attempt to bring more readers to BEA, producers of the event created BookCon (formerly Power Readers Day), where readers can interact with their favorite authors at panels, Q&As, and book-signings. That is, if their favorite authors are straight, white men. ...more
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How to Get A Literary Agent, or What I Learned These Past Six Months

I HAVE AN AGENT!I've been waiting to say those words for years. YEARS. Like twenty of them. Sure, when I was ten, the agent I wanted was one for child actors, but the fact that an agent brought legitimacy to an artistic career was something I recognize at an early age.Sure enough, the minute I got an agent, people who had thought this writing thing was just something I said I did to avoid a "real" employment, started referring to writing as my job. Only "legitimate" writers get agents....more

How to Use Your Blog to Write Your Memoir

Many writers would like to blog a memoir. It’s not that different than blogging a novel, which I wrote about in a recent post, except, of course, you are blogging or writing about your own experiences. That makes your book as work of nonfiction rather than fiction. That said, it must read like fiction to a great extent....more

How to Self Publish a Book in 8 Easy Steps

Today’s post over at my blog, Change The World With Words is a guest post by author and self-publisher, Shelley Hitz. I’ve been considering the possibility of re-purposing some of my blog content into book format, so I was really interested to hear what she has to say about turning your blog posts or articles into a self-published book. Hope you find her insight useful, and if you're a self-published author, I'd love to hear from you in the comments. Is it as easy as Shelley makes out?...more

What Are Your Publishing Questions?

BlogHer is holding a special pre-conference day this summer called Pathfinder Day on August 4th that will be about helping people reach their blogging goals. Melissa Ford (author of Life from Scratch), Carleen Brice (author of Orange Mint and Honey) and Colleen Lindsay (from Penguin) for the Writing Track on Pathfinder Day. This workshop is for bloggers who want to take their writing (nonfiction or fiction) to the next step. ...more
What's the difference between self-publishing and publishing with a big publishing house in ...more

Your Thoughts: Does the World Need More Books?

Pull out a chair and sit down with your cup of coffee. It's time to have a little talk. Today's discussion: should bloggers be writing books or should we stick to posts? ...more

Brene Brown's "Gifts of Imperfection" was luminous. Heather Armstrong's "It Sucked and Then I ...more

How to Get Published: Before We Even Get Started (Part One)

I am a published author. And you can be, too. ...more name is Sonjia Mackey. My blog is (Im)Possible Living at I ...more

Closet Confidential (Style Secrets Learned the Hard Way)

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Closet Confidental.If you're following fashion blogs, and you aren't already reading Daddy Likey, then you are missing out. Fashion can be "serious business" (lighten up, it's just fashion!), but Winona keeps it smart, hysterical, and grounded at the same time....more

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Are There Cookbooks Inside Our Food Blogs?

Some eighty percent believe we have a 'book in us' (source, a 2002 Joseph Epstein essay), words and ideas waiting for the right moment, the right inspiration, the right typewriter, the right space, the right agent -- to rush onto paper and into print and off to the flurry of book tours and the resulting fame and fortune. Is it the same for food bloggers, do we have 'inner cookbooks' lurking inside our blogs? Are any of us the next new host on Food Network? ...more

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