My Blog Carnival is Live and I'd Love to Share Your Recipes, DIY Tips, Money-Saving and Green Posts!

I'm featuring a blog round-up for the next week, and wanted to let you know that I've set up a Linky Tool so you can link as many articles as you like related to these topics: DIY projectsMoney-saving ideasLiving simplyFoods cooked from scratchEasy recipesGardening tipsSustainable livingUrban homesteadingThe post where you can link your blog is here:...more

The Second Carnival of Green Crafts!

What do empty toilet paper rolls, plastic shopping bags, old cordoroy pants have in common with a call to ban PVC?  They are all part of the second Carnival of Green Crafts. This new carnival is alternately hosted at Crafting a Green World and other blogs. Submissions right now will be part of the  August 21st carnival at CAGW then the party moves over to Whip Up. ...more

With the holidays coming up way too soon, making some nice gift card holders and recycling? ...more

Celebrating Happy Births and Adoptions

I'm a sucker for a happy story. Stop laughing! It's true; even though on my own blog I'm more apt to tell you about the annoying, or the mystifying, or the funny-in-a-horrible-way, I am, deep down, a woman with a heart of marshmallow, particularly when it comes to building families. ...more

Thanks so much for the shout out, Mir!  I really appreciate it.  I'm looking forward to ...more