Pavlov's Blog (Confessions of a Compulsive Commenter!)

The Comment Section on a Blog can really bring out the same personality traits you would exhibit at a cocktail party. Having OCD, this has been a problem for me....more

5 Ways to Use Comments to Build Blog Traffic

I talk a lot about how important community is on my blog.  When I come there to write each day, it's with something that I hope is going to make you think because I want to start a conversation.  I don't know what this whole blogging thing would even be like without your commentary. There are plenty of ways to help build your blogging community, but one of the most important options is by commenting on posts you enjoy and responding to comments on your own posts.  As important as this is though, there are some misconceptions out there about how you should go about commenting. ...more
JennieTrotter Yes, I love that, too! Whenever I get comments on my own blog, it's always a ...more

Commenting Guidelines – Do you have them? #NaBloPoMo

I am currently part of a commenting group, which takes up a lot of time commenting on the 20+ blogs taking part each day. Last week with it being half term, I only joined in on 3 days out of the 5 as I just knew I wouldn’t have the time to comment back.I have found that it has increased my page views by joining in with this group, but it is taking a lot of my time but I am stuck as to how else to grow my site?Read more here...more

Don't Let Mobile Blog Reading Stop You From Commenting

While mobile devices have made reading blogs easier now that we can access sites any time and any place, they've concurrently made commenting more difficult. Yet commenting is what builds community, makes blogging a conversation, and gives the author valuable feedback and support. Successful Blogging once thought that she would stop commenting, but she walks readers through her evolution from seeing commenting as somewhat of a waste of time to an absolute necessity. ...more
I only leave a comment if what I am about to say is significant to the post. I find it annoying ...more

Blogs: What a girl wants

Blogher is a blog community for women, so I have a question only women who follow blogs can answer.  Actually, I have several questions.  It's quick, easy, and you'd be helping me with my college coursework (Yes, I actually get college credit for blogging). Please, come out of lurk mode and comment here or via email at
@elisa freschi Thank you for your thoughtful reply.  That's exactly what I'm looking for!  As ...more

Why I Will Not Comment On “Big Blogs” Anymore

I read a really awesome post this morning over at Mama Wants This where Alison talks about the lack of commenting.Now I've got to tell you, I love Alison's writing voice and I've been reading her blog on and off for a bit, but I never would comment because she does have a good volume of comments on her posts. Seeing the number count deterred me in the past from commenting. I'll be truthful here, I never commented before because I didn't expect her to respond. Yes, I know, when you assume shit you make an ass out of blah blah blah....more

Other People's Comments

This post isn’t about comments on my blog or whoring for more comments on my blog.  This post isn’t about some big fat meanie who left a bad comment or a comment I saw somewhere else that made me roll my eyes and say “Are you kidding me?”  This post is about me leaving comments on other people’s blogs.I participate in a few link-ups and blog hops.  It is encouraged that when you link up, you visit other participants, read, and perhaps leave a comment.However, when I go to another person’s blog and I try to leave a comment, my comments never show up....more

Blogging with Sadness

Recently, I read a blog that garnered a lot of comments. The post was clearly one woman’s opinion with little independent research added to qualify her points. She was well meaning in her attempt to bring the topic to the surface and we all know that blogging sometimes is just a way to vent. However, the comments that followed saddened me. I weighed in but did so with a pit in my stomach and an uncharacteristic need to fight back the tears. The topic was too close to my heart....more

Comment Verification

A friend commented the other day that she could not comment on my blog because of the comment verification problem so I took it off. It has been a couple of weeks and the spam I am getting is horrendous. I have put it back to save my email account the workout. Really, it was getting silly and I know it is probably the automated stuff. I love email, snail mail anything and it was tiring to hear, "You've Got Mail," and find junk stuff. So sorry for the inconvenience but it has to be for a bit....more

Responding To Comments - Do You Or Don't You?

Do you respond to every comment you get? Do you visit every person's blog that leaves you a comment? Don't get me wrong, when you first start blogging it is super important to respond to comments and visit and comment, visit and comment, visit and comment on other blogs. It's like the newbie's mantra: "Visit and Comment"....more