Increase Your Comments with June's NaBloPoMo

So what is the NaBloPoMo theme of the month? ...more
mrsgalvan I agree. I rarely get comments on my blog, too. But, it does something special for me ...more

Easy Blog Commenting from Your Mobile Device

Did you make "comment more" one of your resolutions for 2014? Are you reading most blogs on a mobile device such as your phone or tablet? Then you need Schmutzie's extremely helpful tutorial to create shortcuts on your phone so it auto-fills information such as your name, blog title, and blog URL. ...more
jessikerbakes haha you're SO welcome!more

Make Your Gift to Other Bloggers the Gift of Comments This Year

If you ask people -- especially bloggers -- what it means to "blog," it's likely you'll get half of the answer: You write things on your blog, they might say. You share your thoughts with people in your own space, you might hear. People read what you have to say on a platform you've built, some may respond. And they'd be half right. The other half of blogging, the part that complements content creation -- the yin to the yang and the cream to the coffee -- involves content commentary on others' blogs. In the form of the mighty comment. ...more
I am definitely the second one. I've gotten better since I've started using NetNewsWire, which ...more


I don't know if there's a rule book addressing blogger etiquette but I'm pretty sure common sense and common courtesy apply whether there's a book of blogger etiquette or not. For example......more

How Do You Know I am Enjoying Your Posts?

The answer is, you don't know.  If I enjoy what you write, I need to comment.  I know this, though it's not always that simple. If I find myself with a couple of minutes to spare, waiting to pick up my kids from school, or on hold with the phone company, I like to use the time to read some new blog posts. Sometimes it's easier just to shuffle through pages and not take the time to leave a comment, because at that moment I just don't have the time. ...more

Bloggy Housekeeping

Well, I gave the Livefyre commenting system a try on my various blogs, and loved it for awhile. I particularly appreciated how it would magically transport the comments people made on my Facebook page into my blog. Nice feature! ...more

Blog Commenting: Kill the Joker & Kick CAPTCHA to the Curb!

Sylver Blaque / SylverBlaque.wordpress.comWhat's up with barbwire-protected blogs?You know, the ones with unreadable CAPTCHAs, and other Comment-preventing issues that make you feel like you’re being leered at by the Joker while scaling a barbed wire fence....more
 @Barb H You're welcome, Barb. And you're so right about blogging being a learning experience - ...more

Why I’m now moderating blog comments

I’ve been getting lots of comments on my blogs lately.Normally that would be a good thing. However, many of the comments I’m seeing come through are actually spam....more

Blog Fail

 @HomeRearedChef A spreadsheet! Okay, now I'm just plain awed. :O)more

Is Your Blog Stalked by Trolls? Here's Why

I belong to a group of mom bloggers and it is not uncommon for one of us to Facebook the rest of us and ask for "nice comments" on a post to offset the vitriol being vomited upon the comment section by trolls. Not sure what trolls are? They're those shadowy internet lurkers who visit blogs seemingly with the sole intention of shredding the blogger. They take issue with the content, the POV, the writing style, sometimes even the gender of the writer....more
wqbelle Just read the article. Pretty much what I've assumed about trolls all along. ...more