11 Things Every Blog Should Have

Setting up your blog for the first time can be so overwhelming. When you've never had a blog before, it's difficult to know what to include on your blog. My first blog design had no about page, no picture of me, not even a way for my readers to contact me! Once you start reading other blogs, you learn more about what your blog needs to have. I remember being a beginner and having to figure it out on my own. Today I'm making it a little easier for you and sharing 11 things every blog should have. These are things I recommend on all blogs from beginner to professional! ...more
thanks, this is awesome! I've been blogging for 13+ years and already had all of this, but I ...more

6 Blog Design Mistakes You Need to Check If You're Doing

Blogging is, or should be like, having a conversation. There is give and take, and the environment where the conversation is happening should be warm and welcoming. Not loud and distracting. While your blog and website design should reflect who you are and what your blog or business is about, it is important to remember that you are also designing for your potential readers and clients. People you hope to build a relationship with. Here are 6 of the most common blog design mistakes I see around the Web, and the advice I give to my clients who make those mistakes. ...more
melissaperkins Search bar for sure! User experience is VERY important, and I think it is ...more

The Blog Got a Facelift.

If you've been reading the blog for awhile now, you've probably noticed that its been through a few changes. First, it moved from Wordpress.com to self-hosted. Then I bought a new theme for it. And as of yesterday, it has another new design.I know, most bloggers stick to one theme and run with it (branding 101). But to be honest, when I went self-hosted, I didn't know what I wanted. So I bought a simple theme off of Etsy, installed it and attempted to figure everything out. The more I dove into it, the more I discovered that it wasn't nearly as customizable as I wanted it to be....more

What Did Your First Blog Design Look Like? How Has it Changed Over the Years?

Attend any blogging conference or read any "how to" on blogging, and you will be told that blog design is important. What is (and is not) important has changed over the years, of course. Do this, don't do that. Include this, don't include that, but include it again tomorrow. It's hard to keep up. My blog design has changed so many times over my 13 years of blogging, it's kind of funny to look back at it. ...more
Mine has remained almost exactly the same since 2004. I've added and taken away various sidebar ...more

How to Find a Blog Designer

On almost any post you see about blogging, it will tell you one of the most important things to consider is your blog design. Whether you're new to blogging, trying to grow your blog, or even trying to hook some sponsors, blog design is HUGE! ...more

Four Web Design Trends for 2013

No matter how happy I am with my web and blog design, there is just something about the New Year that makes me want to jump in and re-vamp. Rather than spend my time doing that, I thought I would give you a glimpse of the design trends for 2013, and what you can expect from Elaine Griffin Designs in the coming year. ...more
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Why Should I Make My Blog Pretty if You're Not Going to Click Over and See It?

This desire to dress nicely if I know I'm going to interact with people carries over to my blog.  I try to keep the sidebars neat, the layout easy-to-read.  I had a personal journal that I kept only for myself years ago, and I never fussed with the look of it since it was solely about the content.  But with my current blog?  It's content and design.  I'm not saying that I have the most gorgeous layout or creative fonts, but I keep things neat and tidy, being mindful of the message the visual side of my blog projects to the reader as they click over to read it. ...more
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Sadie Olive

Hi ladies!Tonights post is up and is a complete review of my new blog design!I chose the company Sadie Olive to complete my blog design and Sara, the owner, did a wonderful job!My review will really help those of you out there who have blogs and are wondering about the design process and perhaps a good company to go through.Come read to learn and look around and don't be afraid to ask me any questions!http://www.harpersshadow.com/2012/04/sadie-olive.html<3...more

New Look

I designed a new look for my Rock the Pretty site. Not sure if it's exactly the way I want it yet but it's coming along. Any suggestions and/or feedback would be greatly appreciated.I'm also trying to come up with some new ideas for social media buttons. What do you think would make cute buttons?...more

I Made My Blog Pretty So Visit It

We read plenty of posts telling us that if our layout is a mess, people will not visit our blogs. But with the popularity of feed readers, does anyone really visit the actual space anymore? Everyone who reads my posts in Google Reader misses out on the lovely additions I've made to my sidebar. I don't dress up during the day because no one sees me (one of the perks of working out of your house), but I definitely take the time to shower and throw on a dress when we're going to a party. Yet blog design is starting to feel as if your blog has shaved her legs and slapped on a little make-up just to sit at home alone. If no one is seeing her anyway, why bother dressing up? ...more
I am currently in the midst of a redesign- my 3rd look in 3+ years- and it's like a new lease on ...more