Self-Assertion Is Different From Obnoxiousness

Self-Assertion Is Different From Obnoxiousness...more

Blogging + BlogHer?

I'm torn on what to do with blogging here and blogging on my website ( - a.k.a. the blog I sweated and toiled over!). What's the proper protocol: 1) Post here and copy the same content to my blog? 2) Post on my blog and copy an excerpt here with a link back to my blog? 3) Something else? ...more
lol I agree with @victorias_view and @Denise . I post to my own blog, and then I post the ...more

Choosing the Right Linky List Generator for Your Blog Carnival

Blog carnivals can be a great way to promote community and increase traffic not only to your site, but to your participants' sites. But how do you do that? With a linky tool. A linky tool allows carnival participants to submit a title for their link and a link to their site. The linky tool then takes that info and creates a list. You can see linky tools in action at some popular carnivals like Works-for-Me Wednesday or Mantel Party Time. Works-for-Me Wednesday is using Linky Tools, while Nester's Mantel Party Time is using inlinkz. I'm going to tell you a little about both of those tools today. I'll also give you some advice on how to be a good linky list participant. ...more

Is adding your blog address in a comment rude ?

I am shocked. Today I was reading a post from Stirrup Queens (I like reading her blog even if I don't have fertility problems) and it was titled Blogging Public Service Announcement #1 and #2 about things people should know about blogging and a commenter wrote :...more

Not to make this 10 times more confusing, but I think it's sort of rude to NOT include a url ...more

5 Blogging Etiquette Tips

I was recently interviewed about blogging etiquette and it helped me realize that etiquette is something that seasoned bloggers sometimes take for granted, but that many beginners are just discovering. When you first start blogging there is a trial and error period where you are just trying to figure out what's accepted and what isn't in the blogosphere community. Those bloggers who've been at this a while tend to evolve seamlessly without thinking about how things change daily--they go with the flow. So what I'd like to do this week is discuss five etiquette rules (if there really are any rules in blogging) that beginners can use. ...more

 I think you summed it up pretty well in the article: it pretty much comes down to whether ...more

How Are Ya? How Are Ya?

This is something I've been wondering about a lot lately. Just how familiar should we become with people on the internet? ...more