A Note to say Thank You

Dear friends, I want you to know that I am grateful to and for you. Whether you read my words and quietly lurk Or share my posts with others Or take the time to write a comment Thank you for being here. Whether you just happened to drop by today Or you're a brand new friend Or you've been around for awhile Thank you for being here. Whether you only visit occasionally Or subscribe to my blog and read every new post Or catch up with me on Facebook or Twitter Thank you for being here. Whether I know you online Or in "real life" ...more
inevertoldher Thank you! :)more

A Year....

A year ago today, my husband, Marc, and I didn’t know what to expect....more
You were lucky to have your cat for so long too.... Isn't it amazing at how quickly they go from ...more

BlogHer 11: It's About the Stories: Meeting Jane Goodwin, Mamacita, in Real Life

If you have never been to a BlogHer conference (a conference by women bloggers for women bloggers, started in 2005) you have missed something.I go for a number of reasons, but mostly to hear the stories -- why you blog, what you blog about....more


Nicole Abdou http://nicoleabdou-destinationunknown.blogspot.com     ...more

Ideal idea

I don’t know if I am just observant, or if strange sights just happen to find me.  I was driving to work, and on the cement median that separates the opposing lanes of traffic, on the major highway on which I travel, sat the largest rat imaginable.  And when I say largest, I mean really large.  He was bigger than my cat, Alex! This sight freaked me out a little, so I shared it on Twitter and Facebook.  One of my blog friends replied, “LOL! I'm sorry!...more

I love them too, and I owe them all to you!!!more

Are Bloggers Hypocrites When the Comments Start Pouring In?

Well I don't know about other bloggers, but I am sure feeling like one. I've felt the hypocrisy creeping in as my blog grows but my hours in the day do not. The transition into this new stage of blogging is causing me some stress so I thought, why not blog about it? ...more

Thank you Tola. I agree.


The Internet Is My Only Friend

It's cold out. Finally. I've been waiting for a chill in the air since the last cold snap of the previous spring. The kids are sleeping, the wood stove is emanating heat to every corner of my snug little house. And what am I doing? Staring into the depths of my monitor, connecting with people I don't even know. Blogging for myself and for the feedback. Hoping to reach people I'll never meet, whilst ignoring those folks within my reach. ...more

Exactly! Thanks to all the supportive comments and I've loved reading about your friends and ...more

Youve got a friend

Hi there. Youve got a friend.  ...more

ATTN: Bloggers

We have a couple of global events coming up. First, from Listics: OneWebDay: September 22 ...more

Blog Friends: Making Real Connections

An article appeared today in the Washington Post about an American University class assignment that forced the students to go on a 24-hour "media fast." This meant using no computers, video games, cell phones, mp3 players, or any other gadget for a day, for any purpose. Along with the loss of entertainment and immersion in information that accompany these tools, the students saw that it impacted their far-reaching social circles as well. ...more

There's a blog meetup website and there are 4 members in the Adelaide one which was founded very ...more