Here's to an Inspired Mom

What do most moms really want for Motherís Day? Not greeting cards (unless they're homemade by the kiddos) Not chocolates or even flowers. While mom's love spending time with family, all of us crave spending some time unplugged from our day in day out routines, taking a break from being the constant caregiver for the family. I'm not saying we don't love spending quality time with our precious children but sometimes you just need some time to focus on yourself, taking time out to empower your inner spirit....more

I'm a miserable mom.

A mommy-group friend of mine recently shared a link to a blog post posing the question, "Why is being a miserable mom so trendy?"  Reading this post made me wonder: Shit, am I miserable? Are we really all miserable?...more

My Favorite Personal Development Resources

As promised I am putting out a list of some of my favorite personal development resources. I didn’t understand how important it was to tap into outside sources until I started my first business back in 2009....more

Niche, Smiche

Leave it to me to be nonconformist and difficult.Leave it to me to have about a gazillion choices at my disposal, and to still have to make up my own option. Leave it to me to not fit in any one place completely, but to fit in just a little bit pretty much everywhere. Sigh. This is why I struggled in high school. And middle school. OKAY! And elementary school. Jeez. (Except Kindergarten. I was homeschooled for Kindergarten.) In the blog world, there is something often referred to as a "niche". ...more

hindustanisakhisaheli/Mothers day recipe contest

Mother’s day celebration, so this month’s contest is dedicated to our mom’s. Submit dishes you would love to prepare for your mom. Anyone can participate in the contest; the Contest is free to enter. View here for more information:

Get Off Your Cell Phone!!! Teaching Our Children That Every Moment Matters!!!!

I recently moved to a rental building in New York City on a temporary basis. The building is filled with young professionals, mostly in their mid-twenties to early thirties. I am the only person with children in the building.
 In the elevator and lobby, everyone is always on the phone or listening to music. I say hello and goodbye
 to people, and if there is nothing loud in their ears they will smile back at me. Once in a while, I get a hello back. ...more

Terrible one's? And warehouse shopping tips

Oh how my daughter has grown.....she was once a sweet mostly happy baby. As much as I love her my patience is surely being tested. There are days I just want to hide ha. It was like she turned one and then became this new person over night. She is moody, vocal and demanding. She can have on her favorite cartoon, Blues Clues, and have her toys and be happy and in a split second get angry and cry and throw herself on the ground. Part of it might be teething and part might be frustration because can't tell us what is wrong but I want my sweet baby back!...more

Birthday fun and teeth

The first birthday! So much planning and stress to make the perfect party. (Mostly for the parents too.....down to the photographs ha) Well, if you are in my family anyway. We shop dollar tree, hobby lobby and our own craft closets. We are those type of control freak people. We get an idea and then that is what it must be and drive ourselves nuts ha. I come from a very artistic family. When you say party, shower or wedding we pull out all the troops. I knew awhile back what I wanted to do theme wise for our daughters first birthday....more

Which Type of Helicopter Parent Are You? A Quiz and A Simple Step

Not all "helicopter" parents are the same.   Yes, the term has become synonymous with parents who overmanage, spoil, or "hover" over their children to prevent them from facing any hardship or setback.  But a recent Australian study suggests that there are subtypes of helicopter parents....more