Harry Potter Blog /Non Blog Hop round up for September 2014

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Sticking It To My New Year Resolutions

It's almost 2014 and now that everyone is finished with the argument or whether or not to say Merry Christmas, we can move on to resolutions. The time of year that gym's love because their new membership enrollment will increase....more

I Am Now In Charge of All Things Retro

Anyone who knows me well is aware I am drawn to most things retro. "Saved By the Bell" enthusiast. Check. Fan of a boy band from a bygone generation. Check. An aversion to all gaming systems that aren't the original Nintendo. Check. Clothes in my closet from not only college, but high school...that I still wear. Check....more

Pintastic Party Blog Hop

 Come join our Pintastic Party Blog Hop.  If you love Pinterest and networking with other bloggers, take a look!...more

Cookies for Santa Virtual Cookbook Blog Hop

I hope you will join us for our Cookies for Santa Virtual Cookbook Blog Hop.  It is open through Christmas and is sure to be a blast!  Come on by Kindredlive.com to link up your favorite Christmas recipes....more

Dear Finley and 8 Month Blog Hop

Dear Finley,Today I have a heavy heart. You should be 8 months old today. For some reason 8 months just sounds so grown up. You wouldn’t be a baby baby anymore. More like an almost toddler. Crawling, eating solids, laughing. But still mummy’s little boy. Always mummy’s little boy.I miss you with every fibre of my being. Every aspect of my life, and everything that I do is coloured with you. Every thought in my head is slightly different because you were here....more

Aloha Friday Weekend Blog Hop + $50 Gift Card Giveaway!

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Hello to new blog hop readers!

I wanted to say hello to new readers of The Curious Pug! The Totally Awesome Blog hop was, well, pretty awesome and I'm happy to have you reading along (you can still link up if you want!). I made sure to check out each of your links and am following a bunch of new blogs as well. So I thought I'd write a quick intro post about me and what goes on over here....Click to read full post....more

Special Needs + Disability BLOG HOP on WEDNESDAYS

With a Little Moxie Do you have a child with special needs? And/or a disability yourself? Join us in our weekly special needs/disability blog hop!The completely optional prompt and photo-to-riff comes out on Monday; the BlogHop is live on Wednesday for 6 days. It's a great time to discover new friends, community and promote your favorite posts.The prompt and photo for this week are here:...more