I Love Hate Blogging

We were blogging virgins. Neither of us had any idea what a blog was and had never read one, let alone written one. But as we have dipped our toes into this corner of the social network and are now up to our knees, I have realized a few things:I love:Thinking about parenting issues with the clarity that writing imposes.Meeting people all over the world. I guess I could have done this with an airplane, but my computer, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and our blog are so much easier....more

Start Your 2012 Year With a "BLOG Inventory" Check Up

I've been thinking about my blog.  Planning, searching, discussing...all things related to the Red Dirt Chronicles. Photo credit: Zoppola  I've been meeting with our contri...more

December 13 - Raccoons and Brains

This is why we cannot have nice things....more

First Blog Anniversary--Where Do We Go From Here?

A whole year of Hampshirecook’s Blog?  I can hardly believe it, I have learned so much about blogging and promoting and tweeting and commenting and rankings and spammers…and realise there is a whole lot more to learn.  Taking (or not taking) reasonable photos of food in the middle of winter is one of my biggest challenges!  However, I have found some really nice people, helpful and caring bloggers so willing ...more