Evergreen Content

This isn’t an early post about Christmas trees. Rather it’s about creating timeless – Evergreen – content....more

100 Not Out!

From my blog, Take It Easy published 25 November 2014...more

Rules for Pissing on Someone's Blog

If you're a blogger -- or human for that matter -- you know all too well that time and energy are limited. For every blog you can comment on, there are 10,000 more. For every Tweeter you follow there are a million waiting. Like one of those evil pictures within a picture that explains infinity, it just never ends. ...more

Writing Stresses You Out? 4 Ways to Simplify the Process

Let’s be honest.Writing content for blogs and courses can be tough stuff. Yet, providing free content on your blog is how you get traffic. And, writing content for courses is how you provide value to your learners.But, there’s a problem. (And, it has nothing to do with you.)...more
This was very helpful. Great blog!more

Blog Posts – Does How And When You Post Matter?

 When writing your blog posts, do you only write when you have something to say or do you write blog posts ahead and schedule them to go out at a later time?Let’s look at the difference…...more

Hitting the Small Time

Definition of SMALL-TIME:  insignificant in performance, scope, or standing. - Merriam-Webster.comRecently I found myself pondering as to why some blogs are so small (I like the term personal), while others gain a much larger following.  The ones that hit the "Big Time" get a column after column, and row after row full of tiny photos in the "Followers" section.  They get comment after comment, with reply after reply to those comments.  They get featured on other websites.  S...more
You make me blush!  Thank you Virginia!  Hey... We're two out of work grandmas!  We should start ...more

Long and Disrupted Days

I try to make all deadlines, whether created by others or by myself. I sometimes fail. Don't we all at one time or another?I thought I would fail today's posting deadline, but it's only 10:40 pm on my watch and I got a post onto Claudsy's Blog before the midnight bells. I had time to spare on this one, but how long can I keep this up? That's the question.I've managed to get a post or two made each day during this "Relative" challenge. Other things, however, have suffered due to this added deadline event....more

What A Challenge

Since this month's blog challenge deals with the "relative," I've taken the time to review some of my familial characters. Every family, whether that of birthright or of adoption, carries with it a cast of characters fit for any novel ever written. There are the veterans within many families who have some cracker jack stories from their service days that would put Hemingway's efforts to shame....more

While Sitting In A Bubble Bath, I Outlined My Blog Post

Practicing a bit of what I learned at last night's blogging MeetUp, I sat in my daily bubble bath and did an outline of this morning's post....more
I shutter to think how many dreams are sitting in draft folders. Sitting there unrealized.more