Why You Shouldn't Delete Your Blog Posts and Comments

I recently noticed something on self-hosted Wordpress blogs: unlike Blogger where the comment-leaver can delete their comment after posting, on self-hosted Wordpress blogs, the only person who can do the deleting is the owner of the blog. This fact to me speaks volumes about the division that exists in the online world about deleting -- who can delete (which is really about who owns the words) and should we delete in the case of blog posts or comments that we regret? ...more
I have a post on my company blog that addresses this from a business level - ...more

NaBloPoMo Roundup

Lots of fantastic posts have been entered in our big pot of NaBloPoMo soup -- more than 400 and it's only the second week of January. People use the linky feature to add NaBloPoMo posts that have appeared on their personal blog (as opposed to the member feed on BlogHer which has both original posts as well as cross-posted ones). Here's a roundup of some posts you may have missed if you're not reading the open thread daily. ...more

The Accidental Locavore's Top Ten For 2011

In the spirit of year-end round-ups, the Accidental Locavore offers up my top 10 list for 2011. The first half of the list are the posts you liked the best, the second half, my favorites....more

NaBloPoMo Soup: Open Thread for November NaBloPoMo Posts

You have posts and we want to read them. This is an open thread for people to post a link to their daily November NaBloPoMo posts that they publish on their personal blogs. Please use the comment section below to add your post, and peruse the comment section in order to find great things to read as well as support your fellow NaBloPoMo'ers. Bookmark this post so you can use it all month. ...more

Royalty Free Images for Mompreneur Business Blogging - Review & Giveaway

Isn't Content King? What The Heck Do I Need Images For?As bloggers blogging for business - selling services, ad space or working towards Brand partnership - we all need our sites to be visually appealing. A great theme is a must, but what about your posts and pages? ...more

Stone Soup Mondays: Best Blog Posts from May 16th to May 23rd

Back again for another installment of Stone Soup Mondays, an open thread that collects the best things you read on the Web and compiles them in one space to extend the lifespan of a great blog post by two weeks. If you missed this series in the past, please click here to read more about the impulse behind the idea. ...more

I recently wrote of a heart-wrenching experience regarding change and moving on in fairytale ...more

Blogging Inspiration: Where To Find It

Where do you go to write? Even though posts can be communicated mostly through videos and images, there's still some writing and formatting involved. Are you one of those people who can concentrate even in a room full of people? Or do you need quiet? Do you have trouble focusing if loved ones are around but feel fine working around strangers?...more

What I Learned in Grade School ~ Play Nice ~ Don't Plagiarize

OK readers, friends & bloggy buddies ~  today's Rant of the Week is we're going to have a little lesson in how to 'Play Nice With Others." See the little banner on the top right of my sidebar that I recently relocated due to an unfortunate incident?  Above it in red, it says "Don't Even Think About It." Underneath, it says "Yes, It's Copyrighted." ...more

Hello there,

I agree completely, plagiarizing is wrong.

On the other hand, ...more