From Journal to Blog: I Tell, Therefore You Are

My first journal -- a bright red, cloth-covered, hardbound affair bespeckled with small, white forget-me-nots -- was given to me for my ninth birthday. I don't remember who gave it to me; it must have been my parents, unlikely as that seems, given what my father thought about the past times of reading and writing. I remember feeling excited but also a little overwhelmed by all of the blank pages, wondering how I would fill it, whether I should document my days, record the facts, or tell my deepest secrets. I also remember feeling vaguely disappointed that it didn't come with a lock and key, like the pink and purple ones I'd seen shrink wrapped at B.Dalton. ...more
I became very serious about keeping a journal after being gifted Anne Frank's Diary in the fifth ...more

Guest Writers, Helpful or Harmful?

I have recently stumbled upon several articles about getting guest bloggers to blog for your site. With a full time job and being in graduate school, the extra content would be great.I am currently trying to grow my baby blog and have gotten a request from my first guest blogger.Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the help in getting content and would LOVE to help other start up blogs gain exposure to the little group of readers I have, but when do you say yes and when do you say no? Do you need to be sure the content matches perfectly with yours? ...more

Calling all readers of African-American mommy blogs!

Calling all readers of African-American mommy blogs!  I am conducting a study on the blogging practices of African-American mommy bloggers.I invite you to participate in our study by taking a survey geared toward readers of these blogs. To understand the blogging practices of African-American mommy bloggers, it is important to explore the readers of these blogs. Your participation in the survey will enable me to do that.The online survey consists of 23 questions. It will take no longer than 30 minutes to complete....more

The Difference Between Therapists and Blog Readers

Here in our blog world, we do the opposite -- we dissolve those boundaries entirely. We expose our rawest, most intimate feelings to each other. And other bloggers aren't our clients. They're our friends. Sure, we actively grieve our friends' losses, like friends do. But, how about those other bloggers we don't know, on whose blog doorsteps we find ourselves after blog-hopping or at the request of another blogger or through LFCA? You don't have to know these peers of ours to deeply feel the reverb of their stories. ...more
I've learned the signals for when I need to back away from trauma, be it reading one blog, ...more

How Many Twitter Followers is A Lot of Twitter Followers?

Remember back when it was newsworthy that Ashton Kutcher beat out CNN to first hit one million followers on Twitter? That was exciting in the moment, but once that flag was firmly planted in the ground, it became a race to see who could gain 10 million followers (Lady Gaga). Or a race to see who could go from zero to one million the fastest (Charlie Sheen in two days). And I'm sure we'll one day be reading a news story about the first person to reach one billion followers. Billion is the new million. ...more
I also have a small blog that we are getting off the ground. I have been building my twitter for ...more

When you blog in a language that is not yours

I am struggling between my need to express myself and a language – English – that I don’t knowFrom

Is Blog Lurking Really So Wrong?

I lurk on blogs. There, I said it! I read content and don’t leave any thoughts, feedback, useful criticisms or provide new and interesting avenues of discussion. I eavesdrop on conversations and then sneak away, directing my friends to those posts which we then discuss on our own. I sometimes act upon knowledge gleaned and conclusions drawn from those preyed upon posts. I steal away with book suggestions, often running off to buy them and many more by the same author and others I encounter on my buying spree. ...more

This is a great point. Sometimes, I get to a post late and it already has a crazy amount of ...more

When The Friendly Divorce Leaks Into Your Blog

I wanted to write this post on my personal blog, but I couldn't. Why not? Because HE reads it. ...more

It used to upset me that boyfriends didn't want to read my blog. Then I met the man who would ...more

Do You Write for Yourself or for Your Reader?

Whether a blogger or a writer of fiction or memoir or screenplay, if you write for yourself first, at what point do you consider your reader? Do you let the muse flow unobstructed and leave it at that or do you then go back and craft your piece with your reader in mind?As a plot consultant, I'm curious to learn about your process and when and if your reader ever comes into play in your process. ...more

The Best Homemade Biscuits

Nicole from the ex pat food blog Pinch My Salt got an earful -- and then a recipe -- from a reader. She's forever grateful. ...more

I always love to see what Nicole is cooking because her photos make me drool!

Kalyn Denny