I Stopped Monitoring My Blog Stats, and I Can Finally Breathe

I wanted to encourage any readers I had by being honest and real. I wanted to help others know they weren’t alone in what they were feeling or experiencing. But something got in the way of that simple goal. There was one little thing that I naively added to the first website. Just like an adorable gremlin, I thought it would be this interesting little thing that ended up being a controlling, freaky monster. My stats monitor became my measuring stick of how "good" I was. ...more
I keep a stats page, that I usually update monthly, but I haven't remembered to update it for ...more

Unmotivating: How Your Stats Match Up Against Other Writers

Don't just worry about your stats, Gawker tells its writers with the new graph it revealed in June. Worry about your stats as compared to everyone else's stats. To give their writers feedback as to how their pieces perform in relation to other pieces on the site, Gawker has created a graph that visually displays each writer's page views.  AJ Daulerio is not only back at Gawker, but top of the list.  Whereas poor Taylor Berman's purple line is barely on the screen. ...more
As a matter of fact, yes! I HVE been holding back, waiting for a reason to write more betterly ...more

How Many Twitter Followers is A Lot of Twitter Followers?

Remember back when it was newsworthy that Ashton Kutcher beat out CNN to first hit one million followers on Twitter? That was exciting in the moment, but once that flag was firmly planted in the ground, it became a race to see who could gain 10 million followers (Lady Gaga). Or a race to see who could go from zero to one million the fastest (Charlie Sheen in two days). And I'm sure we'll one day be reading a news story about the first person to reach one billion followers. Billion is the new million. ...more
I also have a small blog that we are getting off the ground. I have been building my twitter for ...more