How Someone Becomes a Mean Girl

But they never ignored an opportunity. They always found a stray thread on my self-confidence to pull, ripping the seams and shredding my self-worth. Those girls grew up. Backpacks became Kate Spade bags and slap bracelets became diamond rings. They have a new playground – Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, message boards. ...more
Pure, angry joy. I feel sorry for you. I understand you have had a pathetic life, but why not ...more

Mean Girls in Cyber Space

At the age of 43, I thought that the days of the Mean Girl from High School were over.  I thought that the cliques and packs that form and then pick on the underdog were finished.  I was wrong.While blogging, you inevitably find your niche.  Whether you are a "mommy blogger" or a "review blogger", you surround yourself with people who appreciate what you put out there on the internet.  But, make no mistake, cyber bullying is alive and well.So, how do you handle it when a gang of bloggers decide to cyber bully you out of the blogosphere? ...more

that people can't be grown up when they are blogging. For most, it is a hobby. It just sucks ...more