It's Not Just A Blog

There are a number of reasons people start blogging in the first place. Maybe it's a way of keeping in contact with family and friends; possibly growing new ones in the process. For others it's a way of chronicling life's events. Many have a passion for something that they want to share with other like minded people. Still others blog because it encourages them to write for it's own sake. The one thing that all these have in common is building connections. Whether it is part of your original intent, your writing is out there....more

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The Great Mandala: On Writing in the Electronic Medium

This is an excerpt from today's NaBloPoMo post on what writing in blog form means... ...more

Why We Need This Cyber Village: BlogHer '11

I have long been inspired by my favorite line in E.M. Forster’s Howard’s End, “Only connect…” And this last weekend at BlogHer, I saw those two words take on a life of their own. My friend Eden was a Voice of the Year keynote speaker. Standing in the dimly lit ballroom as she read, photographs from her blog post projected upon huge screens, I realized that if not for BlogHer, this very moment would never have happened. Not like this. ...more
Angie, that photo gave me goosebumps - do we need more evidence of why the world is a bit richer ...more