Madam Premier - Sexism Exposed!

If you think being a woman in politics today is easy, think again. Diamond Isinger created a blog called Madam Premier where readers can see first hand the sexist and vicious comments that can be made by fellow Canadians towards their female politicians. All the tweets, Facebook posts and comments are re-posted without editing. I did find it hard to read but it demonstrates the great ignorance and cruelty that exists. Madam Premier tells it like it is....more

Melanie Weinberger Wins First Place in Austin's Startup Weekend + More

Melanie Weinberger from Mel Runs won first place in Austin's Startup Weekend, a business building competition hosted by the Kauffman Foundation. ...more
@KentBeatty Hey Roger! Thanks so much for the shoutouts! You're too kind. I would love to hear ...more

Local Newspaper Published My Jan 20 Blog- "Maybe Viral Video of Bama Fan shows more than One Criminal Act"

My recent blog, “Fan” aticism Video goes Viral, got published by the local newspaper today. Ok, I thought something good might be 'fixin to happen after I received an email from the newspaper’s display editor. He asked me if I wished to have my writing considered for publication in the Letter to the Editor section. "Uhhh, YEAH!" He informed me that the Ledger-Enquirer has a firm 300-word limit and some other red tape stuff, etc. Since my original blog was just under five hundred words, I edited out roughly two hundred words aah!!...more
@GLRED happy happy birthday!! :)more

When Bloggers Lie

Journalists, critics and bloggers swallowed hard when a federal jury ruled recently that a blogger had defamed a central Oregon attorney and awarded the attorney $2.5 million. Many folks noted that the award will have a "chilling effect" in journalism circles, and as Oregonian reporter Jeff Manning noted in his story Dec. 7, the case "raises questions about press protections and the nature of the press itself in the Internet age." ...more

Why the Face? What's with all the F-bombs in Blogs?

I read a few blogs quite regularly.  I am amazed by the wit of some of these writers.  In fact, quite honestly, I’m downright jealous of their talent.  They don’t shy away from their feelings nor the earthy language.  For most of them, it works very well.  For others, not so much....more

55 Knives: Food Bloggers and New Publishing Frontiers

What if 55 of your favourite food bloggers were throwing a big community meal -- which dish would they bring? Nick Evans from Macheesmo has the answer in his recently released e-book, 55 Knives: Recipes, Tips, and Stories from 55 Top Food Bloggers. The book introduces one recipe each from 55 food bloggers, providing stories and cooking instruction as well. Half the fun is seeing which recipe each blogger decided to include. ...more

I really hope he comes back with a second volume, especially as the blogosphere grows and ...more