Is It Still Okay to Blog About My Kids?

As my kids have grown out of infancy, I've thought more and more about where the boundaries are around what I share on my blog and on other forms of social media. I think about it quite a lot, and I've wanted to write about it many times, but I have backed off every time in fear of being too judgmental of other parents. ...more

Mom Finally Found A Hobby!

Hi, this is Jones from Los Angeles, longtime listener first-time blogger. Welcome.I decided to start this blog because, well, I need a hobby. I’ve been an [accidental] stay-at-home mom for nearly 10 years — ever since I got laid off from my film job when I was 8 months pregnant. [Yes, that is completely common practice in the film industry, and no, there was nothing I could do about it.]...more

Why I Don't Pin Your Content (and How You Can Change That)

Pinterest is a potential plethora of traffic, growth in readership, and exposure. It's easy to become mesmerized by the shiny, pretty packages it contains and become complacent about the things you pin and how you use Pinterest in correlation with your blog or business. But you really shouldn't. As a marketing professional, I see four common but huge no-no's that happen all too frequently, especially with bloggers. I'm going to share my industry expertise to help you avoid these common pitfalls of Pinterest. ...more
And there I was wondering why everyone's images looked so darn good. Thank you for introducing ...more

6 Things to Do After a Blogging Conference

If you’ve ever been to a blogging conference, you’re probably familiar with the term “conference hangover.”...more
Jill, thanks for the post! This was the first time I attended BlogHer and I'm curious about ...more

Fab 5 Friday


10 Awesome Instagram Tips

I was at the iRetreat Blogging Conference the last few days and not only did I get to eat the food and see the sights of AMAZING New Orleans, but I also learned a whole hell of a lot. ...more
Thanks for sharing. I post to instagram when the mood hits me, and rarely leave a comment. I am ...more

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