Careful Plans to Careful Cents: A Work Shift Conversation with Carrie Smith

   At 30 years old, Carrie Smith, owner of Carful Cents, is the happiest and most fulfilled she has ever been in her career. When describing her professional muse and passions these days, Carrie explains:...more

My First DIY Lesson in Film Photography

Here’s how it started… So, as I continuously became disappointed in the outcome of my point and shoot pictures that I use in my blog posts, I started dreaming about a DSLR camera. For this frugal girl, it just isn’t in my budget right now.I started remembering all the old film cameras my father-in-law had stashed away from his junk collecting. They were not being used, they were unwanted, so I decided to take them!...more

Top 12 Best Free Blogging Resources of 2014

This year is coming to an end quickly. It is my first year of blogging. Looking back at all the different resources I have tried, I have narrowed it down to my favorites. These aren’t necessarily new resources. This is a list of resources I have come to love and depend on. So here’s my top 12 resources for blogging in 2014.1. Google Drive ...more
I love your list, I spotted some I haven't tried yet, I love discovering new ways to work some ...more

How to Find Your Niche: For Bloggers

 Are you a new blogger trying to find your niche?  Are you an old blogger trying to pin down your niche?    ...more

5 Questions From a Brand New Blogger


Oh No! Am I a Blogging Fraud?

This is not the post I planned to publish today.  That one still needs to be written. Yesterday, I spent almost the entire day outside.  We were putting up our Christmas lights.  Or more specifically, that is what we set out to do.  We did get most of them up - but it became a little more involved than we expected....more


Today is day 27 of the NaBloPoMo November challenge and it is also Thanksgiving Day here in the United States.  Much of my day will be spent in the kitchen preparing our Thanksgiving Feast.Today I am thankful for:1) My husband who is willing to help in the kitchen2) All of the good food we are going to eat.3)  All of the wonderful new friends and ideas I have found on the web and on Facebook....more

Cousin it!!

Weirdest member of the family!!Will it be the Uncle who held his pants up with a ropeOr the Aunt who bathed without a soap!Shall I name the native who slept in a stableor the cousin who drooled on the table!The granny who seemed to love to stitchOr the grandpa with a certain itch!The sis who thought she was funnyor the bro who sold his books for money!The nephew who owns a pet frogor the niece who loves smelling the fog!The cat who prefers my hand for a biteor the dog who takes me for a ride!...more