Birthday Freebies

 It’s no secret that my birthday was last month. It feels so long ago already! And before you ask, the answer is no, I didn’t save you a slice of the Skor cake in the freezer.  :)...more


To read my poems visit Meladose- So first I have to say, have you compared the name brand (more expensive) Duracell to the C.V.S Alkaline batteries? Or even Energizer for that matter? Well maybe you should, and while your at it read this! You just might save and benefit from what I have to say? ...more

The Wider The Better

Photo credit: Fanta_Productions / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA...more

5 Blogging Truths

Not sure what happened, but I'll repost this because the original seems to have gone "missing". ...more

10 Ways to Recycle Old Content


Press This: Introducing WU’s Diverse Voices Series: Why Diversity in Publishing Matters – WU

 An interesting article about diversity, romance and women’s fiction. Click on the link below. Therese here to introduce a new series here at WU, and explain its evolution. I recently visited the WU Facebook group and opened the floor to pitches: If you could write a post for WU, what would …Source: Introducing WU’s Diverse Voices Series: Why Diversity in Publishing Matters...more

NaNoWriMo 2015 Fun #3


#NaBloPoMo Day 18 - Does writing have the power to change the world?

This post is inspired by a chat I was a part of on Twitter today. The chat got into a heated discussion when I pointed out how blogging can be used as a powerful medium of change and not just a personal goal of posting once a week. I have been active on a few blogging communities, learning from others and getting to know the issues that other bloggers face....more

#NaBloPoMo Day 16 - Half way through the blogging challenge

So here I am half way through my november blogging challenge! Has it been hard? Yes. Has it been very hard? No. It's something I have to remember to do every day. Though it's not as simple as that! Read on....more

#NABloPoMo Day 9 - 6 ways to beat writer's block

Writer's block is an often discussed topic in blogging communities. I am no writer and I haven't been writing for years. But as I understand through our discussions, it is the inability to come up with new ideas and blog consistently. It's either lack of ideas or not being able to write well about them. I think it also includes not having enough motivation to actually sit down and produce some work. It's a strange procrastination that grips us once we keep stalling the act of writing....more