Video and Me - Fears & A Microphone

There's no doubt you've noticed the upswing in video production on every major social media channel there is. And, if you've followed along with my journey and our family adventures for any length of time, you've also noticed I have yet to get on the video bandwagon. Truthfully, I'm afraid....more

My Trip To #BlogHer16

I probably should have started writing this recap while on the 6-hour plane ride home, but I decided to watch bad movies, relax as much as I could, and try to ignore the pain in my knees and back. Because of course, only those that can afford business class deserve to be comfortable. But I digress, probably because I'm fighting sleep after an 8 hour work day, jet lag, and an obnoxious cold. BlogHer was fantastic, and I didn't even get to do everything I had planned on. ...more

Making Progress & Moving Forward {September 2016 Goals}

These last few months of writing down my goals, sharing them with all of you, and then tracking my progress has been awesome!  I really wasn't lying when I said last month that I get a sense of freedom with this goal setting stuff.  Even when I don't achieve all of my goals, I feel better.  Plus, the tracking I do in my planner/journal really gives me an additional clue to the progress I'm making.  Not to mention, this visual representation helps my Momma self see that I am doing things each day.  I don't know about you, but it's so hard for me to see all that I rea...more
Writing my goals out has been so helpful for me as well!  I enjoyed finding your blog and will ...more

Violin, Waterfalls, Blogging, & Coffee - August 2016

The Seeing, Hearing, Doing, and Reading series was created as a way to share some of the great things I've found on the web and in life over the last few weeks. I post this series at or near the end of every month. I hope you find some things in here to spark your thinking, bring some inspiration, or even introduce you to something new and wonderful or exciting....more

How to Run Your WordPress Blog Like a Pro

If you have a WordPress blog, you don’t need a team of support staff to run it in a professional manner. With a little knowledge and preparation, your blog has the potential to become a place where huge numbers of people read your posts and interact with you. Below are some of the most effective ways to help you run your blog like the pros do....more

Focaccia Bread with Fresh Tomatoes, Basil and Oregano

Who enjoys baking?  You know who you are!  Nothing beats the fresh smell of home baked bread.  I remember as a kid, coming home on "bread day".  Grandma Rose did not like to purchase her bread and instead baked for the week.  What a joy to the senses, you could smell the yeast and freshly baked bread before you even opened the door!   Old times, right?  Now, with all of our busy schedules, bread baking has become somewhat of a luxury (time wise)....more

Not Asking For it presents - Silence - BlogHer16 Honoree

Not Asking for It is a campaign geared at breaking the stigma of victim blaming, abuse against women, children and rape.  Through varied media like short films  made by various film makers from across the world, photo stories, event and more - the aim is to create short yet impactful content. This film by spoken word poet was created by a full team from St.Lucia in the Caribbean, surrounding the many layers surrounding emotional and physical abuse....more

From New to 3 + Planner Pages {Giveaway}

It's not easy turning 3. It takes learning and practice, patience and dedication, a healthy dose of time and energy, and quite a generous dose of support and commitment. It's often confusing and overwhelming, stressful and joyful, and rarely do you get a chance to do exactly what you want....more

How to Get More Mileage Out of Old Posts

Do you treat your old posts well? For instance, if you've been blogging for a while and keep adding posts, your old posts move off the front page of your blog. This means that they're rarely viewed by new, drop-in visitors. After studying 500 posts published between 2010 and 2012, (they) found that a blog post gets 72% of its total impressions within 30 days of publication. From then on, it gets barely any traffic at all. -A recent study by Izea and the Halverson Group ...more
I need to lookout for thursday throwback parties. I share my old posts on social media. ...more

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Hosting Plan

Choosing a web hosting plan seems rather straightforward for the most part. Most novice webmasters simply go for the most popular providers without putting much thought into it. While it's true that just about any hosting plan will work to put a basic site online, if you have plans of “doing it big” or you demand the highest quality service for your investment, then it would be beneficial to do some research and conduct a thorough comparison....more