Most Popular Blog Tip Posts from 2014

 When I first began blogging, I had no idea what I was doing and did not know what to expect.  I didn't actually expect anyone to read it except for  my hubby and a few friends since it began as more of a personal blog to document our parenting journey.  ...more

12 Free Blogging Tools You Need for 2015

This was my first year of blogging and I wanted to create a list of resources I have come to love and depend on. These aren't necessarily new resources, but they're ones you'll want for your blog if you don't already use them. So here are my top 12 resources for blogging in 2015. ...more
There are some great things in this post. I definitely agree with as the ...more

Resolutions are Meant to be Broken Goals are Meant to Achieve

New Year's is full of exciting, new opportunities for many people. It is a fresh start; like a freshly painted wall waiting for pictures and decorations. I love the invigoration and re-commitment when the new year comes around....more

Top Blog Posts From 2014: My Year in Review

     It's been a great year. As I sit and make up my goals for the year to come, I've been thinking about everything that has happened this year. We bought a house. We got a dog. We put our dog down. We got a cat. The Toolman learned how to read and how to count to 100. My baby started walking. I made my first king-sized quilt, and several small quilts. I started writing "for real" and making a little money. I blogged. Lots of other things, too. ...more

Careful Plans to Careful Cents: A Work Shift Conversation with Carrie Smith

   At 30 years old, Carrie Smith, owner of Carful Cents, is the happiest and most fulfilled she has ever been in her career. When describing her professional muse and passions these days, Carrie explains:...more

My First DIY Lesson in Film Photography

Here’s how it started… So, as I continuously became disappointed in the outcome of my point and shoot pictures that I use in my blog posts, I started dreaming about a DSLR camera. For this frugal girl, it just isn’t in my budget right now.I started remembering all the old film cameras my father-in-law had stashed away from his junk collecting. They were not being used, they were unwanted, so I decided to take them!...more

How to Find Your Niche: For Bloggers

 Are you a new blogger trying to find your niche?  Are you an old blogger trying to pin down your niche?    ...more

5 Questions From a Brand New Blogger