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14 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts After You Publish

When you are working on a blog post and your hard work is finished, you click on "publish" and let your masterpiece go live, BUT you are not done yet! There are many steps you need to take to promote that post! All of the traffic coming to your blog will arrive by what you are doing to that post afterwards. The more you promote it, the more traffic and views you will get. Here are some steps you should be doing to every blog post to get maximum exposure! ...more
Thanks for a really helpful and informative blog in easy-to-understand language. By following ...more

Some Things You Just Can't Fix

The day my husband of 18 years moved out of our house for good, the mirror that had been hanging quietly over our bathroom sink slipped from its nail and crashed onto the floor below.I had been out of the house while he packed the last of his ties and running shoes, and hadn’t been home long after he left when I heard a thud overhead and the sound of breaking glass....more
I think this is why all those small businesses  such as "Rent a Husband" are doing so well.more

Music Monday! One Week

It's been............... 3 days since I have blogged. (so much for posting every day! this NaBloPoMo has been extremely difficult for me to keep up with!) It's now...........One Week until daughters graduation...more

5 Reasons I'll Never Be a Food Blogger

Every once in a while, I like to share recipes on my blog. Because I really do like to cook. And, I've had a few recipes that have been pinned a few times, which brings traffic to my blog. Win-win, right? But, today, as I was attempting to photograph another food item for another recipe share, I decided I could never become a food blogger. Like, EVER. Here are the reasons why. 1. I like to eat food more than take pictures of it. ...more
I completely agree with you.  I'm somewhere in between a beginner, and a Pinterest expert when ...more

Blog Organization, Social Media, etc.

I love your Guest Blogger page! Thats such a great way to expand your circle! I might have to ...more

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