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Press This: Why Diversity in Children’s Literature Really Matters | Jacob Hood

 Another interesting article about why diversity is important in children’s literature. Click on the link below. Where were the black kids going on thrilling adventures, solving crimes and saving the day that I could identify with? Why couldn’t the black kids also just be kids?Source: Why Diversity in Children’s Literature Really Matters | Jacob Hood...more

NaNoWriMo Friday Fun

 Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the cartoon aboveShare this:...more


I wish I was a cloud wandering around the skies along with the birds.I could shed my grief in rain.I could smile without a hint of pain. ...more

Don’t Justify Your Love

  During the last Writing 101 course, I found a tiny recurring theme from some new bloggers about why they had stopped writing which included such things as :...more

Feeling Virtuous - Making FitBit Flowers Grow

After a rainy weekend and no walking/Couch to 5K training, I got up and did it today - despite the cold drizzly rain. Officially this was only my second day after starting last Friday but it would have been easy to slough it off - but I DIDN'T....more

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