Finding Your Place With Wearable Tech

Mary C. Long, professional growth hacker & status quo disruptor  It’s no longer enough to keep your cutting-edge technology on your desk — or even in your pocket — now you have to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Wearables are where tech is headed and the hype is tremendous – and deserved. And top tech companies are getting ready to assimilate. Are you?...more

November Goals


The doctor is in?


My First Writing Memory


Is Blogging "Real" Writing?

This morning I was chatting with a young lady who has been blogging for around three months and was trying to figure out how to get more traffic to, and more social engagement with, her blog. She was convinced her English had to be both perfect and formal and that if she wasn't writing about Something Important (yes those capitals are deliberate), nobody would read her work. Hands up those of you who remember - or still experience - that feeling. ...more
I have been reading so much about writing that I've not been writing very much!  Being a former ...more

Wordless Wednesday - Someone Once Lived Here

Wordless Wednesday is a series of photographs on Someone Once Lived HereClick here to see all three ...more