The Business of Blogging

Once upon a time, I had a blog (I may have mentioned this before). In the mid-aughts, my blog consumed me. I wrote all the time. My thoughts were composed in the voice of my blog. It was slightly insane, and I loved it....more
hungry brown girl Thanks for your comment! I know what you mean, and I feel weird putting my ...more

The By Now Traditional First Post

The number of blogs I have keep growing. Granted, at least two of them are just blogs for reblogging things from other blogs. I have one Livejournal blog that I've been writing since 2002. Until 2009, it was a very random blog that I used for fandom purposes, (I write fan fiction. I am a geek.) real life kvetching and and the occasional rant or three. In 2009 I started trying to make a living blogging/writing online so I've been posting links to my book reviews and articles on my Livejournal in addition to my usual writting. ...more

Disagree, just be nice, please?

Yesterday, Her Bad Mother wrote a very thought provoking post on cross nursing.  She was painfully engorged after being away from home at a conference with no pump available.  A newly befriended mother with a hungry baby offered to help.  Catherine could nurse her baby, who needed to be fed, and get relief in doing so, it was, for her, a perfect combination of supply and demand.  Catherine's perspective is that the offer was a beautiful example of the wonderful sisterhood that can be formed between ...more

BlogHer '09 or Bust!

 Cross-posted over at CityStreams.  All I want for Christmas is money, money, Money! I'm saving up for the BlogHer '09 summer conference. This past summer, all of my blogging friends went to summer camp and I had to stay home. Reading about the fun escapades they had in San Francisco made me green with envy. ...more

Naked at the Front of the Classroom

Today's order: Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte, Extra-Hot ...more

I was very private about my blog for a lot of years. To this day, there aren't that many ...more