"I'm Not Your Friend, I'm Your Mother!"

Lifelong Learning  ...more

Teenagers are Gross

At some point I looked at my sleeping child and I thought, "What the fuck is wrong with you?" People would ask me if I drank or did hard drugs while I was pregnant with him. NO! Shit! Of course not. Geezus.  Now that's he's older he is doing things and going places that make him seem like an adult. But he's not. He's doing things that I don't think I want to know about. My car is having more fun than me on the weekends. He's taking my car to parties and showing it a good time. He's having more fun than I'd really like him to have....more

I Have a Pebble for You

The other day I was complaining about my son which I often do to pass the time. It's my small talk.  He's 18, a senior in high school, has a million friends, and an affinity for Jack Daniels which I found out his friends refer to as "Homework." Like, "Hey, Tyler what are you going to do tonight? Tyler answers, "I'm going to do homework. Want to hang out?"  bitchasses. ...more

Who Needs an Elf When You Have Teenagers?

I was remarking the other day about how happy I was that I missed the whole Elf on the Shelf crap by a couple of years.I spoke too soon.Who needs an Elf when you have Teenagers?After a lovely wine induced sleep last night I slowly emerged from my cocoon and walked downstairs to start my morning ritual of picking up dog poop on my expensive wool dining room rug and fixing a cup of coffee.  As I entered the kitchen that I left relatively picked up last night, I was greeted by this scene:...more
I like your sense of humor. I don't have teenagers yet, but I remember DOING that. Sorry, Mom? ...more

On the Sidelines--Life as a Step-Parent

You may have noticed a lack of blogging going on here.  It's true. I have been a sporadic blogger, at best. Not the best thing to be if you are trying to build an audience, and definitely not the best thing for me since blogging is how I release my pent up creative energy. Perhaps that's why I have been feeling more than my usual stress....more
I understand your problems COMPLETELY. Our kids our stair stepped together, Our two boys are ...more

Oh Shit, That Sucks. Hahaha

Oh Shit, That Sucks   I'm pretty happy that text messaging doesn't convey tone. Many people see this as a flaw or downfall of texting but for me it's necessary since even the expressions on my face when I talk are sarcastic. So, when my son texted me this morning at 9:08 a.m....more

The First Day of High School

  The First Day of High School "A" my name is Aliceand my husband's name is Alanwe live in Alabamawhere we sell apples"B" my name is Bettyand my husband's name is Benwe live in Bostonwere we sell bananasAnd so on it went, from A to Z. ...more

Toddlers & Teenagers.They are more alike than you think.......

Everyone loves lists–but they can be annoying. Sometimes they are there because of writer’s block. Sometimes they are there for fun. Mine is so you will have a great start to your weekend –LOLSo here are MY  TOP REASONS Toddlers and Teenagers are so alike:They are hard to get to sleep at night–AGAINToddlers have tantrums because they don’t get something they want. Teenagers have tantrums because they don’t want what they get…….....more

a funny thing happens when you try to teach teenagers a thing or two

You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance. Selah Psalm 32:7 NIVSo, here's the story.... about camp.......more

Teenage Pregnancy/Parenting.

You see the topic and you go, oh my god. Completely understandable. Alot of people don't see me as a teen parent, but I am. I had my daughter when I was 18. EighTEEN. Luckily, I was out of high school. Kids these days are having kids too young, having sex too young. Trust me, I know, I'm part of that generation. The thing that bugs me is that everyone expects EVERY teen parent to be a failure. Some teens should not be having kids. They'd rather go hang with friends then raise their child. Some teens are born to be a mom, maybe not as planned to be so young, but still. ...more