Common Sense Guide To Blogging

Sooo, if you follow me on Twitter you might have caught my tweet about #thingsblogginghastaughtme. For a moment I was tempted to dust off my Twitter soapbox and go in about all the craziness I’ve noticed since I started blogging, but then I realized at the end of the day who would really give a “you know what” about my rant....more

My Favorite Lesson: Who or Whom?

CommonplaceCrazy.comYears ago I wrote this lesson as part of a teacher preparation class. I had to teach it to my classmates, and it was very popular with them. I always loved it, but it disappeared quite a few years ago. I always meant to try to recreate it, but I never felt I'd be able to get it right. Today I found it again! I want to share it with you. It's my favorite lesson of all the lessons I've ever written....more

Essential Tools and Advice for the Upcoming Blogger

Several weeks ago, I accepted an invitation from Dr. Rick Wilber, author of Future Media (read my review of his book on BlogCritics or SeattlePI) to speak with his students about freelance writing and establishing oneself as an online writer....more

Lets go with advice

New to this blogging idea it is true, so want to join it is true but as I get more mature lots of things I still want to say and do,A community of like minded souls, helps us to reach individual goals.Done writing groups and stuff, but they only lasted a term not enough. So I want a venue in which I can write,my opinion, my feels sad or bright.My children are grown and now I am aloneLots of good friends it is true but writing is not what they doSo giving this site a try at learning as I goTo put in to words what I believe, feel or know...more

So, You Want to Have a PR-Friendly Blog? 7 Tips to Making It Happen

Whether or not a blog is PR  friendly is up to the individual blogger. Some blogs are filled with sponsored posts, ads, and product reviews, some bloggers have a strict policy about keeping their space 100% free of PR related posts, and most others lie somewhere in between the two sides of the spectrum. What's great about having a blog is that you can make it whatever you want it to be, and there is room in the giant sea of blogging for everyone....more

Seven Reasons My Blog Sucks - and why I don't care

I like my blog, but there are at least seven reasons it sucks, according to the blogging gurus who dish out advice all over the internet. I like the gurus. I respect them. I (sometimes) take their advice. But I also ignore them when my intuition tells me to, and you should too....more

Understanding and Using Blog Categories and Tags Effectively

When I talk to beginning bloggers, I'm asked all sorts of questions. One I received this week was what is the difference between tags and categories? The obvious way to answer this is to define both, of course, but beyond that, I want to explain why you need both, how to name them, and how to display them....more

Just realized that in nearly 6 years of blogging i have never used a tag for any of my posts and ...more