The New Age of 'Random Act of Kindness'

The New Age of “Random Act of Kindness” is all over the universe.  Everyone is drinking the koolaide.  Gotta join the fun.  AND ONE MUST post it on Twitter, #RandomActOfKindness ,Facebook, OR SOME SOCIAL MEDIA!! It makes a person want to puke.  Yes, you read that correctly PUKE!!!!...more  @Lucy's Reality Easier said than done :)more

7 ways to hide the gray on social media

I laughed when my friend Peggy recently called me an expert in social media. I am not. I'm simply more comfortable with social media than many people our age.Peggy and many of my friends spend thousands hiding the gray and smoothing the wrinkles. So here are my tips for them, on how to hide their social media gray:1. Don't insist that Twitter is about people telling you what they had for lunch. It's not....more

Who do we choose to follow?

The wide world of blogging, tweeting, following and followers online is somewhat new to me.  Oh, I've been on facebook for several years now and have enjoyed the social aspect of staying connected to friends and family, and realize that without it, would have missed out on staying abreast of what goes on in their lives.  However, as a wife, mom, and Registered Dietitian in clinical practice, I work with people, live people, food, situations and words to encourage choices that may offer a healthier lifestyle or better quality of life.  So one could ima...more

When All Else Fails, Try The Internet!

Is taking your cause to the internet really the best way to be heard? Whether people agree with this notion or not, taking your case to the internet has become a popular phenomenon. People are learning that when justice fails, when the law or other authorities seem inept at making justifiable decisions on controversial matters, all they need to do is voice their opinions publicly by taking to the internet....more

Misadventures in Juicing~

Several years ago, after much thought and consideration, I bought a Jack LaLanne juicer. It was very fancy and very expensive. But what price for good health? Watching Elaine LaLanne shove all kinds of fruits and vegetables through that chute and creating wonderful, delicious, healthy juices just inspired me. After all, Jack was older than dirt before he died and he looked damn good. He also hauled a boat across a harbor with his teeth so there must be something to this juicing business. ...more
 @@BehavioralChild I ended up giving the juicer to my son and daughter in law. Their kitchen ...more

Landlines and Trimlines~

(Image by Pahz on Flickr)I was cruising around the web the other day and found the most beautiful red telephone! A deep red, rotary dial, standard telephone, built back in the day by Western Electric. What a beauty! That color! The history! The... dial! ...more
Cool maiden post. Welcome :)more

Paula Deen's Got "The Sugah Diabeetus"

Approximately 10 a.m. CST I logged in to Twitter on my laptop. I rarely check "trending" because I Tweet to connect with my local Okie, business, industry, agricultural and blogging contacts.I was frowning because a local Tweet voice was at the same time feigning sympathy for a young girl who had wrecked her car, while posting a photo of her misfortune....more
Here's what I wrote about Paula Deen's possible type 2 diabetes diagnosis. ...more

Sometimes Posts Are Lighthearted

The bottom right corner of my laptop reads, "10:33 PM." For the first time today my body is still and seems to be relaxing into my armchair in such a way I might not get out again.For me, right now, what I need is easy. So this post will be a smattering of easy, lighthearted fodder. I'm constructing the content for one purpose only: To help you get to know me, and to hope you send something of yourself back so I can get to know you. That's it....more Likewise Robin :)more

The best part of writing

                                            The best part about writing for me is the brainstorming. I have a topic to write about and all I do is write,and write, and write everything I think of. Some times I end up with enough for two pieces. There will most likely be no judgmental people to deal with because It's so early in the game....more

my last meal

                           Let's see-what do I want for my last meal? I know- pizza! Pepperoni pizza to be exact! Tell them to add more cheese! I haven't had anything like that in a long time! I want to make that crust with cheese in the middle. To wash it all down, I'll have some soda or ice tea to boot. I might decide to have some cinnamon sticks as a treat. That treat is so, so good.If I'm going out , I'm going out with a bang!...more