How to Write A Blog Post that People Will Want to READ

 Ever wonder why you just can’t reach the views you want on your blog posts? This post is for you! It contains a few important tips that you can’t ignore if you want to write a blog post that people will read. ...more

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Fantastic Read October 16, 2014     Honestly, I loved this book. Right from the start, the setting and characters grabbed my attention and wouldn't let go. I couldn't read fast enough, as I was caught up in Brenna and Taylor's heartbreak and wanted to know 'what' exactly tore them apart. Once that part became clear, I rooted for these two soul mates to find their way back to each other. Ms. Jernigan has spun a clever, heart-warming tale. She is one author whose books you should be reading.  Julie Lence ...more

5 iPhone Apps That Will Help You Blog Better

From underused-but-definitely-there apps such as Notepad to ones you may not have heard of, such as Buffer, here are 5 apps that every blogger should have on their iPhone. (And most come for Android too!) ...more
Great choices. I'm also obsessed with Instagram (of course) and have found it helpful in ...more

3 reasons I leave a comment

Leaving a comment is like putting oneself out there. There’s nothing anonymous about comments, in fact bloggers and most sites don’t like anonymous comments and don’t allow it either. Someone wanting to leave a comment either has to register, have a comment already approved, or input their email address or website URL. ...more

How to Create a Book from Your Blog

When I found out that PressBooks offered a blog-to-book tool, I frankly didn’t expect much, as similar tools I’ve tried have crashed or stalled in the middle of the process without so much as an error message. I was stunned when it worked!...more

Will Dropbox Amaze You? Easy tips on How to Dropbox

Oh my this cloud technology is Amazing! Here's a tool that will help us share files EASILY. Here's steps to help you learn How to Dropbox!

DropBox: Amazing Way to Simplify Technology

Here's a Free tool that can really impact our lives if we work with technology. If we want to be organized and simplify, then we need to look at Dropbox.