Riding the High of my First Blogging Conference

I’m pretty new to the blogging world, but I have absolutely fallen in love with my blog and writing.  I love sitting at my computer to crank out a post as much as I love brainstorming about new ideas; and I *love* talking about my blog.  It’s a little obsessive, but it gives me a creative outlet in a (mostly) non-creative life.  It’s liberating.  And it gives me joy.I will not apologize for anything that brings me joy....more

Amazing BlogHer '12

When I joined BlogHer in November of 2011......never did I think I would be attending the highlight of the BlogHer.com 2012 social season, the BIG conference in New York City, BlogHer '12....more
 @motherofnine9 Gee whiz! It was the last post up, I thought that was the one you wanted ...more