Blogging 101: Choosing a Graphic Designer

There are many reasons as to why I opted to work with Elizabeth over at Elizabeth Love Design so I thought I would narrow it down and discuss the 3 key points I was looking for when deciding on a graphic designer and why in the end, I picked Elizabeth....more

Make Gorgeous, Easy Graphics for Your Blog with Canva

People, please sit down, because I need to tell you about something awesome. People of the web, meet CANVA. Canva, meet the people of the web. Canva is an online tool where you can make beautiful web graphics -- without fancy graphic design software. Canva is fantastic. All bloggers should finish reading this post and then scurry on over to Canva and begin creating your first blog post graphic. But really it isn't just for bloggers.  It is for anyone who uses any form of social media. ...more
Ooohhh...been using CANVA for some of my blog posts...loving it!more