Thrifted Bedside Tables!

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Hi there!

Hello folks! I'm new to BlogHer but am so excited to be up and running! You can take a look at some of my work by visiting my DIY Design Blog {The Unique Nest}Thanks for visiting and stay tuned... Laura xo...more

Virgin Post

Yes, I'm scared shitless!  Who do I think I am; blogging!  Really???  Well, why the hell not, everyone else seems to be doing it, LOL!  Ok, I've been wanting to try my hand at this for a long time but the words "chicken shit" keeps coming to mind.If you read my little bio, I normally do office work.  Yuck.  I'm good at it, but do to an injury I'm currently "at home" and trying to figure out how to work out the rest of my life....more
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Follow Your Heart – It’s Not Really That Clichéd – Crochet Ruminations

The best advice I can give an artist seeking to sell for profit is to follow your heart when it comes to creativity and listen to your customers’ feedback.Every time I’ve ever tried to do something my heart wasn’t really into, from that creative artistic point of view, it never would sell well....more