Go Blog Social 2014

Go Blog Social is a blogging event in Kansas City that was designed to educate and inspire bloggers.View Post...more

Bragging about BlogHer 12

I am a little late inputting my comments about BlogHer12 but I suffered a severe asthma attack and blogging was not to be done until now. The founders and staff of BlogHer did a fabulous job and the guest speakers were tops; The President of the United States took time to address the BlogHer attendees, Martha Stewart, Katie Curic, Solidad O'brian were key note speakers. This was really top notch and 5 Star!! Wow! I met many wonderful bloggers from every level of blogging....more

Putting on Big Girl Spanx for My First Blog Conference

I have never been embraced the whole “fake it until you make it” philosophy mainly because I am scared to death of someone calling absolute B.S. on me.That’s pretty much how I am handling this whole blog thing. Making it up one day at a time. Reading and researching as much as I can, when I can. However, it’s pretty obvious that I still have a lot to learn since Google is running this on my sidebar:...more
Spanx is a must for majority of women who want to look and feel great! I made the plunge and ...more

2011 WordCount Blogathon Kick Off

Fiddlesticks! Is it may 1st already?...more