Create an Email Newsletter and have Fun – we are personalizing now!

Have you visited a website and signed up for a newsletter? This brings us to the realization: it’s time WE create an email newsletter!The recent posts I wrote were mainly about MailChimp. We then took a pause to understand RSS feeds a little better (and reinforce that they are important to MailChimp). Today we are going to go back to MailChimp and do something cool: create an email newsletter....more

Use MailChimp to Develop a Thank You Message

I'm liking MailChimp. Let's Develop a Thank You Message. We are going to do steps similar to Blog #13.02 but with a little different twist. In Blog #13.02 we created a form so a visitor could sign up for our emails....more

Create More Business With A "Power Hour"

Help: So Much To Say, So Little Expertise

I am no stranger to the blogging world - I've had my own blog for about a year - but I'm having trouble finding my voice, my expertise. What is it that brings people to my blog...if there are any......more