Mixing It Up

 For my 8 blog fans, I thought I'd let you know that I'm going to be mixing up this blog a bit. Changing the name only slightly, getting my own URL, and attempting to make some money off this hobby of mine that takes up most of the hours in my day. ...more

Mostly Unpaid Labor: The Economics of Blogging

I think that it is time that we have an honest conversation about the world of blogging. It seems every few months, a blog run by a woman erupts in some form of controversy due to advertising or remuneration. Most reasonable people are aware that bloggers aren’t living at home, typing away in their mother's basement, but the mendacious myth that we are all financially well-off seems to just want to stick around. ...more

We pay for so many things we didn't ask for and prefer not to pay for: various insurances I ...more

Exposure is 'The New Black?'

I nominate anyone out there in cyberspace to become the president of the BLOGGERS’ union we’re all going to start.  Do I have a second for this nomination?  Or a name for either the candidate or the union?  How about BOOB...Best Official Outraged Bloggers as the name of our union?  Think of all the male members we would get Why start a bloggers union?...more

Black Out Blogging For Stuff, How Much Is Too Much?

I'm sure all of you know about the "Black Out" going on at momdot.com. (Would you believe that I googled "mommy bloggers PR products" and the mom dot website pulled up for the black out.) I have no idea what momdot is nor did I really have any idea what the black out was about until I read someone's previous post. This is finally when I had a "aha" moment about women blogging for PR companies. ...more