Nov 10, 2014 "Give Up The Funk"

Nov 9, 2014 I'll Take You There

Nov 8, 2014 - Look Left

Sometimes, music is just whimsical and today, I am in a whimsical mood. I looked everywhere trying to find a bio for today's featured band/song, but there really isnt one to be found. So... I'll tell you a little bit that I learned based on notes from inside the albums found from their website ...more

Nov 6, 2014 - Got To Get You Into My Life

August 1 memory

The first of August always reminds me of this quirky Harry Nilsson song, Rainmaker.  A Pied Piper-esque tale of a selfish town that refused to compensate a man for his invaluable services, it resonates even more to my adult self. The music and lyrics are fun too....more

The Effect Some Good Old Music Can Have On Your Mood

I admit I am partial to the 60′s, 70′s and the 80′s as my favorite decades and my memories tend to be wrapped around the songs I constantly heard.Today, thanks to the internet, I no longer have to shuffle around my collection of 500+ audio cassettes to make a playlist (yes, I still have them). So I’ve got compilation tapes…and it is all good for when I play my bedside radio (yes, I still have one of those with a cassette player!)…still – the joy of digital music is something else! While my taste in music is eclectic, I am partial to the 80′s rock and pop....more